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DNS is an LVN??

  1. 0 [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]At my LTC that I work as a charge nurse, we have our ED, DON, ADON & DNS but shes an LVN. I want to know the difference between the DON and DNS and how can the DNS be an LVN? thanks
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    Director of Nursing = DON
    Director of Nursing Service = DNS

    DON = DNS in our area

    ???? I'd love to hear of the difference.
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    What function does the DNS serve at your facility? Some LTC facilities have Unit Managers, maybe the DNS is in lieu of Unit Managers which oversees all nursing staff. Just a thought. I'm curious though.
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    In Massachusetts, an LPN or LVN can NOT be a director of nursing or director of nursing services. Whatever initials you use, the job is the same and to be a DON or DNS you have to be an RN.
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    The regulations state the DON/DNS whatever you call it, but the "leader of the nursing department" MUST be a Registered Nurse. She must be something else...I mean not a DON. Maybe she's a Unit Manager or ADON that they just gave a facny title to make the job more appealing. I was an ADON at on facility_ I mean that was my title- actually I was a glorified Unit Manager however, there was no glory....
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    ONe can be LPN in Assisted Living,and be the "Director of Nursing Services",never mind that there are no other nurses, lol