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maybe it's just ltc or where i currently work but several of the cnas at my job take breaks up to 60min, twice during the their shift. i asked a cna where she was after she was gone for an hour.... Read More

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    I hate to have to "get after" my CNAs. However, if they are not able to be responsible and do things right then I will follow them around like a child. Irritates me. lol

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    Unfortunetly, none of us want to babysit grown women but whether they are giving care or taking 60 minute breaks, it falls back on the charge nurse. Tardiness or absenteism is the job of the supervisor but once they are there, they are , sad to say, your problem. Your residents are the primary concern. If they are not being taken care of because the cna's are on an extended break, that falls on you, the charge nurse. Then the supervisors start looking at you in a not so good light. My cna's sign out when they go on break and get written up if they don't follow the rules. This is their job, and if they don't feel the need to do it because they are bored and don't want to come back in to work...well there are plenty of cna's that need a job and are good at it. They can be replaced.
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    Quote from noc4senuf
    For years, it has been the floor nurses responsibility to be in charge of the aides on their unit. No idea when that ever stopped. Not in any facility I am familiar with. If as a floor nurse you don't give your staff report at the beginning of the shift and near the end of your shift receive report from them.... you, the nurse will be written up for not completing your job duties. If you, the charge nurse, do not keep on top of the aides getting their wts, VS, doing their restorative, etc. during your shift will be written up.
    I agree. Even if you do have an RN supervisor in the building, they are not following you around on your unit so therefore do NOT know what your aides are doing or not doing unless you, the charge nurse, let them know because afterall you are the one in charge of the aides on your unit. It will fall back on you.
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    CNAs at your facility get breaks?

    Sorry to hyjack the thread, but seriously, how do they even have the time? The LTCF where I work keeps a bare minimum of CNAs per shift, almost to the point where I believe it gets dangerous and humanly impossible (re: NOC shift), but that's another can of worms. If someone is gone, we notice! Right away. If I have to hunt down another CNA, maybe from another wing, to help me with a two-assist, I'll definitely notice and I'm going to say something to the nurse. These are people directly under my care as well, and I get really testy, really fast, if I feel like someone's slacking or abusing policies and one of my residents doesn't get turned, changed, or answered as quickly as possible. I feel bad taking a minute to pee, and I really only go if I've been holding it for three hours and can't wait a second longer! How can someone take a break for over an hour, let alone two in the same 8h shift?

    If anybody's tattling, it's other CNAs who have to pick up the damn slack.

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