Transfer issues with LVN to RN?

  1. I start LVN school in a few weeks (Private school...yeah I know I know but I got tired of waiting). Anyways, my goal is to jump right from lvn into an RN bridge program (I hope at a city college). I have all my pre-req done but now I am worried that since I am completing my LVN at a private school they might not transfer to a city college RN program or even a BSN program down the road. I asked my school and they said there is no way for them to really know if credits will transfer. I would need to ask the school I plan to transfer too...ummmm kinda hard to do since I don't know who will take me...a year from now...

    Is an LVN lic and LVN lic no matter where you went?
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  3. by   indygirl526
    I went to a private school and they told us up front that our credits should transfer. I did contact the schools I was looking at for BSN to see if they accepted from my school. The only problem I came across was that my school was on a quarter system rather than semester so it affected the way credits transferred in for some classes. For instance for my university requirement in Quantitive Reasoning I need .33 of a credit to have met it. Schools handle situations like that differently. Good luck to you I am doing things the same way you are planning. My advice when you graduate try to go the BSN route.
  4. by   Adri :)
    Your LVN license will transfer to any nursing program. I went to a private school for my LVN six yrs ago. When I got ready to do my transition, I had to take pre reqs first. once I had those I had no problem getting in. I was accepted into three different LVN to RN transition programs. I'm now about to enter my last semester of the RN transition program. If you have your LVN license and all your pre reqs from a regular community college it will all transfer. It's only your license that you'll need for the LVN year credit, plus your pre reqs from a community college.
  5. by   CT Pixie
    Actual 'credits' for classes taken(ie: 3 credits for the psych course) might not transfer but your license should be recognized at any school.

    I am an LPN in a bridge program(my LPN schooling was done at a private school) I will be starting my last semester in January. While no actual credits for classes taken at the LPN program would transfer as credit toward classes in the RN program (none of the LPN to RN bridge programs in CT take LPN school credits), what does happen is in the ADN bridge program done at all State community colleges and a my school (a private catholic) will give you credit for the first year nursing classes of the ADN program so you do not have to repeat them. The State requires that to be in the bridge program, one has to be an LPN and graduated from an accredited program. It doesn't matter if you went through the State's LPN program or at a for-profit private school, it just has to be accredited.
  6. by   vintagemother
    Quote from CT Pixie
    Actual 'credits' for classes taken(ie: 3 credits for the psych course) might not transfer but your license should be recognized at any school.
    ^^^^ what she said
  7. by   HouTx
    OK - can we have some clarification? When the OP refers to a "private" school, does this mean a commercial (for-profit) school? I am assuming this is the case. FYI, y'all, there are 2 types of traditional (not-for-profit) schools - "public", which means they are tax supported, and "private" which means they are privately funded but still not-for-profit... like church-based schools. OK?

    The issue with LVN/LPN schools is that many of them are "clock hour" programs instead of "college credit" programs. Both are OK, and prepare students to sit for licensure exams. However, there is no 'automatic' transfer of credits for clock hour programs...because the program has to be analyzed by the receiving school (RN program) to see how much college credit can be issued. This can be a complex process, and some schools are just not willing to do it so they may require you to start from ground zero when it comes to clinical. Other schools may arrange some sort of CLEP process so that you can demonstrate LVN competency/knowledge in a way that allows you to have a more advanced clinical placement than students without an LVN. Confusing?? Sorry.

    Some LVN/LPN schools have pre-existing "articulation" programs with RN schools. These are usually programs that are based in a community college system. If you go to one of these programs, it is much easier to move up the 'education ladder' by enrolling into the RN program that they have an agreement with
  8. by   CT Pixie
    I went to a private for-profit LPN school, and I go to a private non-profit RN school (Catholic college).