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Ok so i just graduated and got my LVN license. I am looking to jump right into a bridge program so i can get my RN. A person i met told me about a program in Los Angeles that her daughter attends. The schools name is Shepherd... Read More

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    This is not very encouraging. Anyway I am taking my prerequisites at the local community colleges, and will be trying to get into their RN program next year. GOOD LUCK!!

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    I hope that you meant to say spring of 2013!?
    Oops, thanks for the correction.
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    Quote from Studionurse
    This is not very encouraging. Anyway I am taking my prerequisites at the local community colleges, and will be trying to get into their RN program next year. GOOD LUCK!!
    In this economic environment, its best to be weary of strange/strict requirements of any institution/school. You should keep multiple options open.
    For me, if this doesn't work out, I might have to go overseas and teach English...
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    I'm in shepherd's LVN to RN course and its not as bad as x-tra stinky says. The online courses are by far the easiest courses i have ever taken. You watch the lectures which are about 1 - 2 hours long and take 4 tests for the subject which are each worth 25%. So i guess it is easy to mess up but everything on the test are covered in the lecture (again these are the online courses). The professor does respond as long as you are persistent. At any school, it is the students job to get whatever is needed. Don't expect to be catered to all your life. And as far as books go, i purchased all my books used online and paid less than wat i paid for my anatomy book at SMC. Also, the staff does not harass you if you have everything taken care of (documents, payments, etc). I made a contract BEFORE i started paying with the school to pay by month. They have never harassed me about anything except the extra documents that they needed afterwards. The teachers i have are all Korean so far with pretty strong accents but are understandable. They are also very qualified and give you very good insight about their experiences in the field. So don't be discouraged to look into this place. I have had pretty much all positive experiences so far.
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    droop, like I said in my previous post this was "my experience".
    I'm not looking to be waited on, but I expect to be taught the material (my instructor specifically states that the exams are based on the chapters. Does he say any specific areas? No.). Remember, the materials that we are learning in these courses are on the nursing exams...Not everyone is skillful enough to self-teach...

    Prior to making any payments, I did sign a contract. The fact that the RN director was so concern with money was extremely puzzling and frightening to me. Maybe its the fact that I'm not Korean or I'm a guy?...

    Maybe its just me, but transitioning from a public school to a private one, takes a bit of getting used too...

    Btw, I'm not telling anyone to be discouraged about this school. I'm saying that its not your typical school. You're asked to do more than other schools. Its more of a vocational institution than anything else.
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    i totally understand you xtrastinky. Sorry if what i said came out a little aggressive. I do agree they come off as very money hungry as they do ask for the money before anything else. I am also a guy, but it is easier for me to communicate with them because i do speak korean so that might make it a little easier for me. Also i realize that you are in the generic program and not the lvn to rn program. I already went through a lvn program so i guess i am used to the "learn on your own" method. I dont really think this school asks you to do more than other schools as this school doesnt even assign you homework (my classes at least), and let me tell you that this schools pre-req courses are ALOT easier than my classes i took at SMC. Also, these pre-reqs are to prepare you for the nursing program so not many questions about philosophy, music, etc., will come out on the nclex-rn if thats your concern. Just focus on all your science courses if anything. And keep in mind that our school has a nclex-rn prep course at the end with a 98% passing rate. The teacher of that course is my health assessment teacher right now and she is a really good teacher. So keep your head up and try your hardest =].
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    droop, no harm, no foul

    Homework and school-work is a good thing. It allows you apply what you learned prior to an exam on paper (reduces the probability that you get an F on your exam). It trains you to look for specific areas that the instructor wants you to know... (I learned this from my previous University instructors).

    Home/school-work is a type of teacher-to-student feedback tool. Taking away homework actually makes it much harder on the student. It makes one directionless in terms of what to study.

    Whether or not courses are easy is irrelevant if its difficult to absorb the material. I don't want to be passing my courses, then finding out that I haven't learned anything.

    A school's passing rate doesn't account for any after-school tutoring centers the student takes.

    For a non-Korean like me, I'm afraid of losing out on opportunities that the school has ( tutoring, study sessions, etc).

    Thanks for the advice, looking forward to completing the program.
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    Hi Gentlemen (extrastinky and droop),

    I was told that the tuition does not depend on how many units you take. The school told me they charge by the semester, so even if I take 11 units a semester, I would still have to pay the full price for the semester, as if I were taking 15 units. Have you heard anything like that before?
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    Thanks for sharing. I saw the $76,900 price tag and it made my decision for me about this school.
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    Thanks for your kind help, "Extrastinky", I guess private nursing schools are no different from used car salespersons- find the fool who is willing to pay the most for the least...AAAArrrrrrrrrHHHHH!!!!

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