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    Does anyone know of any good schools I can attend to get my BSN. I already have my LVN license. ?
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    Without you giving us what state you are in, no real way to narrow it down for you. There are literally hundreds of LPN to RN, LPN to BSN programs out there.
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    Look into ISU
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    I would be surprised if this post could be more incomplete. Not to mention, you shouldn't rely on the allnurses community to do the leg work for you. If you had school in mind & were attempting to narrow the selection process I could definitely see this post being more beneficial. But, you came on with no demographics, prospects, experience, or detail of schedule. Maybe you should invest a little more time into completing your own search, and then consult others....
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    Welcome to AN!

    I depends on whether you are looking at online or conventional brick and mortor.

    AN has an entire forum devoted to colleges....Online Nursing Schools, Colleges, and Universities
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    Let us know what state your in and maybe we can help.

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