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Since I get asked this quite often, thought that I would set this up as a sticky to have. If this works out well, then perhaps we can set up a sticky with all of the states for a current list and update it as needed. Think that... Read More

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    eosme: Do you happen to know of any good schools. After much research I see that most of the programs are very expensive but I'm willing to pay because I know in the end it will pay off. I need help finding a reputable school.

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    after many time spend and research done, the school that my wife was trying to get into was WestMed. the reason why i said was is because that school wanted high school transcripts of people that wanted to attend their LVN program. my wife didn't go to school here in the US. she had graduated from a 4 yr university overseas and has a bachelor degree in business. all her transcript was translated and notorized, but for some stubborn reason, they still wouldn't accept her. they just kept giving us the run around saying it needs to be approved, etc. when all this time, the person we are talking to could have made the decision to accept it or not. we were going to pay cash for everything, and yet, we get no love. i'm in business development, so its a work habit for me to constantly follow up and track down the answers. but that guy seems so aloof that i'm just not sure what to say. even with a 4yr bachelors degree, they still ask for my wife's high school transcript?? what the... even if we do give them her high school transcript, it would still be from overseas. does it matter?? that's something that they could not give me an answer on directly. what's worse is he can only give me a verbal acceptance, but would not put it down in black and white email. they he went about saying, you can pay for the pre-req class first and then afterward, we can see if you qualify for the program. that's asking us to pay 1K first without any firm commitment that my wife will be in their program. so, from our experience with these private school, westmed would have been our best choice, but in the end, we still can't figure out why they would take her in the program. sigh....
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    This says "Bay Area" what bay area? I live in the Tampa Bay area ...
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    Quote from I love med-surg
    Hi suzanne

    I live in Bay Area ( fremont). Do you know any good school that offers lvn-rn bridge program. I mean, I know Chabot college in Hayward does but I havn't finsih my pre-reqs yet. Can you recommend any good school around Bay area. Also, I am graduating this year as a LVN from Bay Area college of nursing.

    hi i was wondering if you every found a school that will accept your credits for the LVN program from the bay area college of nursing (ncp). im going to start there soon but was hoping to find a school that will accept those credits instead of having to take more classes and more time. let me know please...
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    Working as an LPN, in Florida, I hear a rumor that California has looked into or is looking into converting LPN to RN in the event that they have 15 years experience as an LPN, allowing them to sit for the NCLEX-RN
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    i need ur help i am in process to go to Unitake for Lvn to Rn programm if anybody know about the school please give me info i have no idea what is waiting for me.
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    Lvnurses, I went to Unitek in Fremont last year and I got my LVN license there. I like my experience there and all my classmates passed the nclex on first their first try. It is a school that's fast paced and need to be on your toes through out the year. I'm planning to go there again for the LVN to RN program. Anyone taken the RN program there????
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    Just want to throw in that the Contra Costa Community College (based in East Bay Area, San Pablo, CA) also offers the LVN-RN Program (regular or 30 Unit option).

    Pre-req's have to be fulfilled before applying to the program. And EVERY SCHOOL HAS DIFFERENT pre-req's. Some need Chem, some don't, Nutrition ect. ect.

    Here is the link for the Nursing School at Contra Costa (very high NCLEX passing rates btw):


    The school took 5 LVN's this year (Spring 2011). I don't know though how many are applying each year. LVN-RN is based on space availability, the regular RN program is a lottery. LVN-RN will graduate with a Associate of Science/Nursing.

    Good luck to you all!
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    Working as an LPN, in Florida, I hear a rumor that California has looked into or is looking into converting LPN to RN in the event that they have 15 years experience as an LPN, allowing them to sit for the NCLEX-RN

    Never heard of this.
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    Quote from hanna0225
    great! would you or anyone else happen to know any schools that are closer to san francisco though?? any information would be helpful..thanks!
    ime in san jose is just starting one. infact they are offering the prereqs first . the rn bridge program i believe begins in january.

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