Just found out I get to start LPN-RN in January!

  1. Okay, now that I finally found out I got in I am definitely MORE nervous, not less. Now I have to start figuring out things like how to tell my current employer (I work 8-5 M-F and obviously won't be able to continue that), get financial aid finalized, go to the orientation, get registered, find books as cheaply as possible, figure out what to do about health insurance, etc....

    Its been five and a half years since I finished my LPN. Here we go again...
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  3. by   prettymica
    you can do it !
  4. by   iCamy904
    Hi. I am in the same predicament as you. I've been a LPN for 6 years and I start the RN program on January 22. I can't wait. I'm very anxious and nervous. Congratulations to us both
  5. by   dorkiexcici
    what college are you guys staring the bridge program at?
  6. by   iCamy904
    ECC in Buffalo NY
  7. by   Ella26
    Congrats on your new journey. I just finished my mobility program it was challenging at times but I made it through. Just graduated on last thursday 12/20/12. I did not like being a student again however. You will do just fine. I am a very anxious person, so if I made it through you can too!
  8. by   LadyFree28
    Congrats ladies!! I graduated in May 2012. Spent 2.5 years doing it. Went back after 5 years as well. Great experiences, glad it's over!!! Don't miss the classroom either...when I go to grad school WWAYYYYYY down the line online for me!!! 😄

    When you are in the class room take off your LPN cap and put on your SN cap...you will be expanding your roles, so there will be some things different, however, your familiarity will come in handy!
  9. by   iCamy904
    Thank you so much for the advice and congratulations to you.
  10. by   shamrokks
    Congrats! I start my bridge program January 22, 2013. I'm excited and luckily it is a hybrid online, evening program that's extended out to 18 months for people who have to work full time while going to school. It works out perfectly with my work schedule and home life. Good luck to us all!