I just feel like giving up...

  1. Hello everyone,
    I live in new York and in a life not to long ago I was in the united states marine corps and served honorably with two tours in Iraq during operation Iraqi freedom 1, 2,and 3. Since then I decided that wasn't the life for me and choose to become a nurse instead. I graduated with my LPN license at the top of my class in December of 2011. And since then have yet to to find a job. I have had little temp jobs such as home care, some clinics, but nothing concrete. I am a member of a dozen agencies oneof them being 1199. I must have filled out what seems like a thousand applications both online and in person. I've been in too many interviews to even count. I have even tried applying to VA (veterans Assistance) hospitals and clinics and even they won't hire me. And i'm a veteran! They are claiming that they want someone with more experience . In fact they are always claiming that they want experience. But how does one get experience without a job, or a job without experience? I used to go to interviews hoping and praying that I get the job. I have been rejected so many times that now I just go to interviews not expecting anything. I am beyond discouraged. I think I was even clinically depressed about it. Like everyone I have bills, and loans, and more bills that I can't pay. I truly feel like all the hard work and studying I put into school was for nothing. My school is opening a LPN to RN bridge program and I am attending simply because I don't have anything else to do. I must be crazy our something to attend simply because I know that when school is over I will be in the same position. With even more debt and even less experience. I don't know what to do...I feel as though I am lost in life and that i'm not making good decisions. Everyone keeps telling me that I shouldn't give up...to keep on pushing or that nurses are in need. Well if nurses are in need it certainly doesn't feel that way. its been an entire year and I done feel like things will get better. I don't want to sound as if i'm whining however it is how I feel. I wonder if anyone is going through what I going through...
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  3. by   HouTx

    I realize how discouraging it is to find yourself in this situation. Those people that are telling you about all the jobs for nurses are not very well informed. Your location makes a huge difference re: the availability of nursing jobs. In most areas of the US the days of 'nursing shortage' are long gone and hordes of even more new grads are produced each semester which makes everything even worse. Unless your bridge program will result in a BSN, it may not make the situation any better for you since I understand that most hospitals in your area are only hiring BSNs. Can you re-locate to another area that has more jobs?
  4. by   Lordswill
    Definitely get ur RN. That heightens the chance of you getting a job. If RN's have it bad then LPN's don't have a chance in your area from what you explained. I have been a LPN for 7 years now and am starting my nursing program next week. I have been fortunate to always be blessed with a job but I know some who have not. Finish your RN then get your BSN. It should help and it can't hurt. I say go for it. GOOD LUCK TO YOU! And thank you
  5. by   NurseT1971
    You know....I had to stop reading your post. Where is your FAITH? Don't give up on God cause He definitely will not give up on you. Everything that we go through in life has a time place and a purpose. Listen to me when I tell you this.....It wasn't your time yet. Ask God to put you where He wants you to be and let Him know that you expect Him to do that for you. The Word of God says that we have not because we ask not. Please don't get discourage, just wait on God. Everything will work out just fine!!! FAITH IS DEAD WITHOUT WORKS. Your purpose is out there. Be encouraged. Your job is waiting on you.

    I felt the need to give these words of encouragement to you. God has some wonderful things in store for your life. Thank you for protecting our country.
  6. by   grizzlegirl
    Hello I got my LPN in 09 and work with agency homecare because I couldn't get in the nursing home in New York without they telling me I need experience. I actually get in the nursing home working through an agency. This agency is really own by owners of nursing home they are in queens you could google them up the name is Five star I stay with them for a year for resume purpose but it was worth it .i then move to PA I am now starting to do my R N . Wish you all the best.
  7. by   aprilpam77
    Please do not give up.

    Try to apply a job through agency, there are more chances.

    Or look at KHRCC in Bronx, they hire new grads.

    And thank you for your service.
  8. by   Jessicainsantafe
    First of all, thank you so much for your service to our country. Freedom is not free, and we are a better nation because of people like you.
    As a fellow 'Noo Yawker', I want to tell you.....DO NOT GIVE UP!!! You already have the LVN and are working towards the BSN.....I am a community college student and only getting ready to take the TEAS and Micro.....and I'm 50!!!! I started with the CNA program first, and here in New Mexico they will hire you as a CNA right out of the program....the nurses that graduate from here don't seem to have any trouble getting work all over the state either. I have met LVN's here that work in LTC and that seems to be another starting point too.
    I left NYC many years ago to try and find a different way of life, and I got to work and travel across the country. The biggest difference I found here in the Southwest is that they don't recognize Puerto Rican....we are just all lumped together as 'hispanic'. But that is alright since we are the majority here! I think that is why it is easier for new nurses to find work here. The pay is a bit less, but the cost of living is cheaper if you don't live in Santa Fe.
    You just hang in there and get that BSN, Lil. There are alot of us here that are pulling for you, and remember there are alot of people who need us! Stay strong!
  9. by   Raymanthenurse
    Revise your resume, get professional help from career centers, volunteer in nursing related places like nursing homes, hospices, children's hospitals and even at the local homeless shelter. Also try to shadow someone on the unit that you want to work with. Get into some shadow shifts, show them why you're interested. Always have knowledge to offer to the unit you want to work on. Have knowledge about the unit and knowledge on skills that you have yet to offer to them to increase the likelihood of getting yourself hired. Without experience I guess you could apply as a nursing care aid even though you're over qualified for the position. But, still if you get your foot in the door as a care aide and show them your skills, they will be more than likely to hire you as a LPN or RN. They will invest the time and money into you to train you and keep you. I hope some of those things help. I am going through much of the same problems as you. I am graduating soon and have been applying everywhere with minimal experience and hoping someone will take me under their wing as a nurse. But, it's tough I know. I still work at my old job as a server waiting to find a job as a nurse. Work anywhere for now just to keep the food on the table and the roof over your head. But, don't stop trying. Try finding career fairs to attend, go meet the unit managers, drop off some resumes and network with new people. This world is seriously about who you know in the working field rather than what experience and what you know.
  10. by   ufo8micats
    I know it's hard, but def. try not to be discourage. This advice may come as being a bit unorthodoxed but when I first graduated nursing school I went into the heart of my city and found a job easily at one of the inner city nursing homes. One of those places where most people won't even drive in to. I started out at $22 an hour as a new grad and got some of the best experiences of my life there.
  11. by   BSNbeDONE
    It's not just you. I had been an LPN for over 20 years, working in a hospital back in 2008 when the economy folded and shifts started being cancelled. Long story short, no hospital that I applied with was accepting LPNs even with hospital experience. So, I enrolled with Excelsior College and 10 months later, I had my RN license in my hand! The sad part was that I was very content with being an LPN because I never wanted to be a nurse in the first place. Coming from a military family myself, this is what my dad said I was gonna do and being his only daughter, I did it instead of following my dream to go into the military with my brothers.The road blocks never end. Every year since I've gotten my RN license, Ive attempted to obtain the BSN. And every year after getting one course under my belt, something in my personal life tragically pulls me out of college. And believe it or not, I'm about to begin AGAIN, fearfully, but AGAIN! I've already done a check of my family to make sure everyone is alive and well, divorce is final so no further death can come to that, (lol), I don't own any pets, so I'm good there, my car is new and this is an online program so there is no danger of anyone crashing into it in the garage.....or is there????? And I'm 20++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++years of age with ANOTHER birthday this month fast-approaching!!!!! Now, is that enough to equate to just the tiniest bomb that you heard or saw in Iraq? We are still standing so we gotta keep it moving. Sure I have an rn license now but guess what? As soon as I got the darn thing, my job did a survey to see how many nurses hold a BSN degree. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what's soon to come......you're somewhat used to being ambushed, I presume. Same thing here, just without the bloodshed. Gotta be prepared.Keep going....I am. Good luck!Lynda
  12. by   FutureRNGreen
    Have u tried relocating because i no where im from u can get a job in a nursing home making anywhere from 20-22 dollars an hour and im in charleston sc i always see postitions for LPNs
  13. by   Melissa21970

    I live in Indianapolis. The focus here is for the hospitals to have their Magnet certification. With that, they require the nurses to be staffed with about 85% of the nurses having RN,BSN from a school with NLNAC or CCNE accreditation. DO NOT WASTE TIME SND MONEY GOING TO A SCHOOL WITHOUT THIS ACCREDITATION!! or your credits won't transfer to other schools and someone else applying for the job with this accreditation will get it over you. I recently went back to school after having my LPN for several years. Because I didn't go to a school with the right accreditation, I had to start over with people having no school or license at all. But if I don't get my RN, BSN then soon I won't have a job at all, even though I've been in nursing at my job for 16 years. Make wise choices now. It will pay off soon! Good luck to you!
  14. by   GoalSeeker
    Wow I feel like I wrote this. I was active duty Air Force. You would think with all these programs they have available for veterans it would have been easy to transition however if you are not in house or know someone its hard to get something but i'm hopeful i'm even fasting for a full time job. Don't give up i'm in NY too ....if you need to talk you can send me a pm...it always helps to have a battle buddy:-)