How is your bridge program?

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    I started my LPN_RN(ADN) Bride program March 26. The first semster is online and very disorganized. Some of my classmates are not doing well on tests. Think 40 questions 40 minutes. Material is taken from 3 different books sometimes. Also the tests are not always put up on time. Basically all self teaching because we are LPNs. I am hoping future classes will be better when we are sitting in front of a teacher.

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    Our LPN to RN bridge course consisted of a 3 credit online class manditated by the State BON. My online class was pretty much self-taught however it was more of a review/refresher of what you learned in LPN school with a little more added in about the RN and his/her added responsibilities (teaching, care planning, blah blah blah). Class was easy enough. The professors who were running the class were very quick to respond to any questions or issues. Don't have too much bad to say about that class.

    Then we take 1 credit course at our 'home' school (our RN program school) that entails 25 hours (? something like that) of clinical floor time and 16 hours lecture. Again, easy enough. No complaints. This was done 'in person'. Great teacher!

    My biggest gripe about the LPN to RN program is we sort of get thrown into the 2nd year of the nursing classes (this is an ADN program) with no direction or information. No idea how they do their care plans, no idea how clinicals run etc. Yes, we are up to par educationally with the students who had to go through the 1st year of the nursing courses but we lag behind in terms of how things 'run'. Seems like it will be a trial by fire kind of thing with the clinicals when we start back in august. Hopefully the year 2 CI's have a little bit of a heart and give the LPN" a chance to learn what the others have had the last year to (using the hospital computer, how the CI's want paperwork done, where things are, using the equipment d/t the equipment (IV tubing etc) is different that what some of us are use to at the facilities we work at etc.
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    I heard that our program doesn't have many clinical hours as we had in LPN school either. We are also thrown with the the other students and I hope they treat us all as newbies and not look to us to be far more advance students. Thanks for sharing CT Pixie !
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    My LPN-RN program puts us in the 3rd block out of 4 of the already existing RN program. It actually is a repeat semester for us with a few added skills like IV push and Central Line Access. It consists of Med/Surg, Peds & OB. My LPN program was 2 Blocks, second block consisted on Med/Surg, Peds & OB.

    I am hoping this will just be refresher and since it is in the summer accelerated format that it isn't too crazy, as I have to work fulltime nights while attending.
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    Oh wow.. you will be finished in no time AZMOMO2. Our first semester is supposed to be a refresher also, some of the material is and a lot of the material is not. We will finish May 2013, Its a steady pace for us. I work weekend Baylor for a home health company. I did work nights while doing my prerequisites. Thanks for sharing
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    Graduation is December of 2012! Very excited. I work 3 12's and a 4 hour shift in home health. Love it... but want a bit more too :-) Good luck!
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    We are put into the 2nd year of the 2 year program also. Grad date should be this time next year!!
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    what school is this?
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    1 semster down, and 2 more to go, lets do this !
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    is the conversion easy, i cant wait to become an lpn then an rn.. the rn list here are just two long.

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