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I have been working as an LPN for over 10 years, this last year for some reason I had an inkling to get my RN. I took 4 grueling classes for prerequisites last year all "A". The program I am wanting to get into starts in December, and is 1 year. I work 3 days a week currently. I carry the insurance for myself and my husband who, is two years younger than me. I am 62 and would be almost 64 when done. One problem is my husband is not supportive at all! He thinks it is not worth it at this time in our lives, and to lose a year to this out of our lives, he knows how hard nursing school is and is worried about me working than going to night school, studying, clinicals etc. My husband says the most thing he is worried about other than what this could do to my health is the location of this nursing school is not in a very good area. I work in an office/procedure setting, make over 31$ hour. It is not just about the money, I have always wanted a college degree. I would not be able to retire until I am 67 or so, but still plan on working at least PRN. Should I make peace with where I am or put myself through the misery of nursing school again? Would love to here all thoughts and opinions. Thank you.

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