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What's your grading scale for class?

  1. 0 Just wondering what everyone's grading scale is like in school? Ours is:
    94-100 A
    85-93 B
    75-82 C
    Below is failing.

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    95-100 A
    86-94 B
    80-85 C

    Anything below 80 is failing
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    Wow and I thought ours was tough!
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    If I recall correctly, 93-100A,
    83-92 B, 75-82 C anything less than 75% was a failure.
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    A: 94-100

    B: 84 - 93

    C: 77 - 83

    76 or below failing
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    Anything below 76% is failing. 76-82 C, 83-91 B 92 and above is an A.
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    A -90-100
    B- 80-89
    C- 70-79
    Anything below a 70 obviously is failing but i think for the next class(fall 2013) they are taking it up to where less than 75 is failing
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    Ours is:

    94-100% - A
    87-93% - B
    80-86% - C

    Anything below an 80 is failing. In the real world, I would get a C if I got a 79, in the nursing school world, I fail.
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    92-100 A
    82-91 B
    72-81 C

    If you finish any classes below a 72, you cannot go on in the program. You may come back the next semester and try again to pass the class you failed and join the next class for clinicals. You must pass med check offs with an 80.
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    Oh wo

    A: 90-100

    B: 80-89

    C: 75-79

    Anything below a 75 is failing
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    Quote from JustBeachyNurse
    If I recall correctly, 93-100A,
    83-92 B, 75-82 C anything less than 75% was a failure.
    Just started school today, our grading scale is the same as this one.
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    93-100=A; 85-92=B and 78-84=C. Below 78 is failing.
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    A= 100 to 93
    B= 92 to 84
    C= 83 to 76
    anything below a 76 is failing

    I would say, yes the scale is harder but it for the best. It means that all nurses out there are pretty much A or B students. I wouldn't want one that was "average" or below average.