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Hi, I'm 44 years old and starting LPN school Aug '12. They wont give us our books until school starts. What would be good to start studying before school starts. I would like to get a jump on it. Any help would be... Read More

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    I am aiming for the Jan '13 class so obtained the used books online and have gone thru Med Terminology and Math for Meds dosage books, A&P, Pharm Made easy, etc.
    Also I got the saunders nclex-lpn and am starting the questions from the beginning to the end! It will give me a heads up on how to think in the genre of the med world. I am brand new to this world and have been a cna since Jan of this year. Good luck as your classes start!
    The evolve looks very good also as I am a visual learner... thanks to all who have shared.
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