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I went for a CPR course yesterday because I am starting a nine month full time LPN program next month. When I went to talk to financial aid and see how much my financial aid was going to cover she asked me if I had worked in a... Read More

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    That sucks, however sometimes people don't have a filter. Her words are probably hear say. YES the LPN program is hard and YES for most it requires a lot of studying. I remember in my ADN orientation they made it clear to tell our family goodbye for two years that Nursing School will consume our life. It does, even though I failed one semester and started the LPN program - I don't have a life really outside of school and work + my little boy. I spend more time with my classmates then I do my family. Its hard, and a determined person can make it!!! You can MAKE IT!!!! Don't let others keep your down, or what they say may you feel down!! EVER!!!

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    I agree with the others. You shouldn't care about destructive comments coming from financial staff. She does not work at the nursing department. Most likely, she knows zero to nothing about nursing school. What you should take to heart is the advice and comments you'll receive from your nursing coordinators, advisors, professors, and clinical instructors because THEY know exactly what lays ahead. Sometimes their comments can be a little harsh, also known as "tough love", but don't take it personally or be discourage by this. Take it as part of their teaching.. Because really they are teaching you to be a tough nurse that won't cry at the first patient's yell! Besides, since your school is so competitive and you made it, you should be more than proud of yourself and confident about your accomplishments. Nursing department wouldnt have accepted you at their school if you didn't have the potential or profile required to succeed as a nurse. :-))
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    Just wanted to let you know that before I went to nursing school, I had no, nada, none, medical experience. I have been a sucessful productive nurse for 32 years now. Just keep your positive attitude and you'll do fine. Welcome to the fold!
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    I too am mostly with the others. After being laid off from a 23 year office job, some counselors being doubtful I could re-enter a scientific field and keep up with the pace. On top of working full time. However one counselor said I could absolutely. As you can imagine, I was in shock from losing a good paying job that I was really good at. I had huge doubts that I could do anything new and do it well.
    But that one counselor and a few other friends, doctors, medical staff assured me that NO school deliberately takes people they expect to fail. They may feel a few will need a little help but they expect all to succeed. Failures are NOT good for the school's reputation.
    That being said, and 'assuming innocence' on the part of the FA counselor, it's possible she's seen others go through what you are about to. It's possible they failed and she was trying, perhaps not tactfully, to warn you of the work ahead. That was kind of her to do so. But I'm assuming you already knew that when you applied. Like the others, I would likely have said 'really? thanks for the info. That makes me all the more determined to study hard and succeed!'
    You will need to grow a thick skin and to learn not to care what others say: except your instructors, and employers, and other medical staff you respect and are good at their jobs. As to all the rest, blow it off. Life's too short.
    I do wonder if they will offer apologies when you succeed and become a working nurse? You could go back to the FAC and in a nice way tell her you appreciate her advice since it spurred you on to do your best. Laugh. Ok, I know, meow.
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    the rudesness must have been in tone, because i don't see it in the words. Blunt, yup, but not rude.
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    Don't let ANYONE, especially someone who is not going into a nursing career, discourage you from your dreams. This "financial aide" person, is just that a financial aide person.
    She probably has worked in other schools as a financial aid rep, maybe another college that wasn't even involved in nursing education. So, what I am trying to say is, what does she know?. However, if it is really bothering you, take your concerns to student services, only because, she should be encouraging you no matter what, or keeping her mouth shut, just on the basis that she is still a representative of the school. But at the very least, she
    sounds like she doesn't realize what she said and how it impacted you. Not a very smart person. However, you just do your thing, you sound very intellegent, never let anyone
    second guess yourself , especially a person who is not even a nurse?!
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    ​i guess i don't see it as being rude or as trying to discourage you, but as trying to have a conversation with you. probably not the best topic she could have chosen, but there you are. it will be good to keep her on your side as you'll be dealing with the financial aid office all year.
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    I am sure that you have worked very hard just to get where you are. From what you say about how few candidates are chosen for your program, that says A LOT!

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!
    Good Luck! You will do great!
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    Truth hurts: if you want to work in nursing, you'll have to learn how to make things roll off your back. It is NOT a world of rainbows and unicorns. Nursing school is the first place you get to practice this new skill! Also beware of back-stabbing fellow gets you prepared for your future co-workers.

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