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Evening 2 You! I just wanted to share my excitement for starting my LPN program in January here in Chicago. Please check in with your city and school name. Hopefully we all can keep in touch either on here or by email. I would... Read More

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    I start July 19th at CCCTC. Never been more excited/nervous in my whole life
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    Starting school September 4th, can't wait. I know it is hard but it is what I want and with the Lord by my side I will succeed. Congrats to all future nurses, know that it will be stressful and you will be tired but keep pushing forward you rainbow is at the end, don't look back just press forward. Above all else remember to get proper rest, put family and friends to the side let them know you love them but you have a job to do and you will see them when you see them, eat a proper diet, and exercise. Most importantly if you feel like you don't understand don't skip it, get help form a study group or get with the clinical instructor asap. The school year will be over with before you know it, stress don't last always, so sit back buckle up and prepare for the ride of your life. Lancaster County Career Technology Center -1- yr program
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    I start September 4 at Everest Institute in Southfield, MI!!! 11 month program and we graduate August 16, 2013!
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    I will be starting Everest LPN Program, January 2013.
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    Quote from LivingFor08162013
    I start September 4 at Everest Institute in Southfield, MI!!! 11 month program and we graduate August 16, 2013!
    keep me updated on how well the program goes
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    Hi all, My name is Valerie, I will be starting at Eastern Shore Community college in Melfa, VA in August for the LPN program. I live on Delmarva. Very excited. congrats to you all for being accepted as well!
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    I start August 16th at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC. So excited yet so very nervous!
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    I am scheduled to start the LVN program at Hacienda La Puente Adult school in Jan/2013. All I have to do is score high enough to pass the Pre-LVN course. I have already secured funding.
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    Yeah Buddy! My name is Nikki & I started my LPN Program @ South Ga Technical College in Cordele Ga May 30th 2012! We r finishing up diet & nutriton & dosage calculations!!!! Fundamentals Aug 16th cant wait!!!! Congrats 2 everyone & LETS GET READY 2 TK CARE OF OUR PATIENTS!!
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    hi i start sept 17th !!!!philadelphia, pa new courtland school of nursing and im way anxious!!!congrats to all and yup those rn programs will be beggin for us next year!!!owwwwww!!
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