Pharmacology or A&P, which class do you think is/was more difficult?

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    Pharmacology or A&P, which class do you think is/was more difficult?I have both at the same time in my first semester coming up, and I'm trying to get a sense for their levels of difficulty.

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    For me, pharmacology was harder. In A&P, I could make sense out of each of the body systems we were talking about in class. It was very straight forward to me, and I understood the material. Pharm on the other hand was a lot of memorization like what is the mechanism of action of this drug, what is the therapeutic level of this... and so on and so forth. I struggled a lot in that class. But I know some of my classmates excelled in that class and made and A. So it all depends on who you are. Good luck to you this semester
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    Wait till you get to med surg
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    Pharmacology was definitely harder. A&p is ok because it actually makes sense. The body is very logical. But pharmacology is just a bunch of long drug names, genetic and name brand, that you will never remember. There are only a few drugs that will actually stick out in your mind until you deal with them on a daily basis.
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    For me pharmacology was a lot harder than A&P.
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    Pharmacology because it is what I know the least of. I've been tearing through the Micromedex though!
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    Pharmacology, hands down. I did very well in both, but Pharmacology was much harder. It started us on the critical thinking path and my A & P was more memorization.
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    Pharm was by far hands down the hardest. I really liked A&P 1, 2 it was good and my instructor made it fun .
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    Pharmacology was insane! At first the book even felt like it was in a different language! But it's doable! I managed to pass with an A good luck!
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    I haven't had Pharmocology yet BUT, I love A&P and I am a biology major. I am guessing that Pharm would be more difficult than A&P because you have to think critically, A&P is memorization.

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