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    Hello everyone! I'm very excited to be on I will be starting schooling for my LPN Jan 7th. I'm currently an MA so I'm hoping that will help me a little.
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    congratulations its worth it but keep going for your RN
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    Congrats!! It's stressful and u will be glad when its over!!
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    Congrats!! I started my program in October. I would suggest you start looking over your a&p books now.
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    Congrats! Work hard and the year will pass quickly.

    Don't feel pressured to get your RN afterwards, just because everybody will be telling you to do so. I've been an LPN since 1990, and am perfectly content right here. There's nothing wrong with keeping this licensure as a career.
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    Congrats! I start LPN on January 7th too! I'm so excited. This is a complete mid-life career changer for me. I'm going from computer programmer to nurse. Good luck to you...and me too!
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    Congrats!!! I start Jan 7 too!! Im so excited about my new journey. I plan on continuing on to get my RN. Good luck to ya!
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    I start Jan 7 too!! Me and my only daughter!! Good luck to all of us! Im in my mid forties, this is a complete career change for me. Good luck!~
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    Yay! I'm glad a lot of us are starting at the same time. Are any of you in CA?

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