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Hello everyone! I'm very excited to be on I will be starting schooling for my LPN Jan 7th. I'm currently an MA so I'm hoping that will help me a little.... Read More

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    Hi! Yes I was sitting in front . its not allowing me to message you back cause i havent posted 15 topics. lol im still new to this whole allnurses website. I live on Travis AFB. Yes I have been an MA for 7 years. I'm hoping some things come easy as well. My commute takes about 10-15 minutes from base so I'm pretty close too. I would love to meet for coffee. When is a good time for you?

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    Oh wow you're really close! I don't work so anytime is good for me too. Are you going to work while going to school? Which day did you choose for your long day? I chose Thursday. I'm excited and nervous. Ready to get going but hoping I can get thru it all lol. Did you get your white shoes and everything?
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    Sorry I'm trying to send you a message but its still being a pain about me posting 15 topics lol. Is there another way I can message you? You can email me at
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    Hi guys. I am in LVN school, only 2 months left! Wooooo hoooooo. I was an MA 1st. It will DEFINITELY help! Mostly because of all of the medical terminology and root words that you have learned. Also, the A&P you learned will be kind of like an overview. Good luck to u guys! Enjoy the process. And when it gets tough, remember WHY you want to become a nurse.

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