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Hello everyone! I'm very excited to be on I will be starting schooling for my LPN Jan 7th. I'm currently an MA so I'm hoping that will help me a little.... Read More

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    Yes, Im in Santa Clarita, Ca. And you?

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    Quote from Yuvonne
    Yay! I'm glad a lot of us are starting at the same time. Are any of you in CA?
    Hey Im in CA and starting Jan 7 too! This last week is going by too fast!
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    Hey! I start Jan 7th as well! I am going to school in Visalia, CA. What about you all? I'm so excited to start!
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    January 7th is a day we shall all remember in years to come!!! Good Luck everyone, and be sure to post your progress once in a while during the next year. We probably won't have much time to chat, but it will be interesting to hear how you're all doing. We are all like a long-distnace classroom here on allnurses!

    We have 4-5 weeks off during the summer... that will be a welcome break for sure!! Then we start back in August, just like the school year for the kids. Classes end in Dec. Seems like a looooooooooooooooooong way away today, but it is going to fly by I am told.
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    I start Jan 7th also in Vacaville career for me, cannot wait! So excited to get started!
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    Cmcorley are you going to Blake Austin?
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    I'm going in Vacaville as well.
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    Congrats! I have been a LVN since 1988... Back in school for RN because absolutely no one hires LVNs anymore!!!!! It would be worth it to just do your RN! I sure do wish I had!!
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    I start January 28 and I'm also an MA. I've been an MA for 16 years and I'm hoping that my experience makes it just a little bit easier
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    Yuvonne Yes I am going to Blake Austin and I think I remember you? Were you in front row? We should go to coffee or something before start date! Would be nice to know people!

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