My advice to New Nursing Students!

  1. I posted this information as a reply to another thread I started, someone asked for advice for a new student. And I thought that I would repost to a seperate thread, since that is a common question mostly all current NS get from New NS.

    As far as the clinical aspect, like anything I was so very nervous on the first day. But I had a really good instructor and the staff there was wonderful. By the second day I was more confidant and prepared and knew what to do , how and when, I found a routine. Just try to get plenty of rest the night before. And try not to panic, the first day can feel overwhelming but it will be okay and pay attention to instructions. I can tell you its normal to be nervous and that will never go away!

    As for Lecture or theory part of NS, stay organized, when you get home go through your course schedule and write everything in your calendar so you can keep up with the chapters in each module or lesson, tests, checkoffs , etc. That way you won't have to keep going through 3 or so syllabus' just to see what you need to be studying. Color code the info for each class use a different color ink pen. Also buy book mark postics that way you can bookmark the chapters in each module as well.

    Study in increments don't sit and read 100 pages all at one time break it up take breaks ATLEAST every 20 minutes. This will help you retain info and be more attentive. Also if you are tired or sleepy take a nap. Staying up all night to study then leaving yourself an hr or two of sleep before you have to go to class isn't going to help you. By getting some rest it helps the brain to store short term information to your longterm.

    Don't procrastinate, stay ahead if you can or keep up try not to get behind.

    Cutoff distractions, for instance Facebook, its so easy to get throwed off and spend so much of your study time on a distraction.

    Don't get caught up in mess or gossip and sit away from students who talk a lot during lecture, by separating yourself you are letting the instructor know that you are a serious student believe me they are very observant they know what's going on the good and the bad. And don't be afraid to ask questions! Good luck!
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