medication problems on nclex pn

  1. hi everyone, i was just wondering if med problems are given on nclex pn, thanks very much
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  3. by   GPNnowwhat
    I had about 5-6 pharm questions and only 1 dosage calc.

    Others from my class said it seemed like they had nothing but pharm questions.

    Good luck. Try to study your common drugs and by the class. Like pril's are ace inhibitors, azole's are antifungals....etc. (yes there are some exceotions to the rule but in general they work and worked for me on my test)
  4. by   Jules A
    I had some med questions but not one math problem.
  5. by   JRN1704
    I had a couple of medications. Just understand the syllable in the medication in the generic/trade. That should help you determine the classification and that should narrow down your answer. Worked for me!
  6. by   pagandeva2000
    I had about 10 pharmacology questions (knew most of them, thank goodness), and my first question on the exam was a dosage calculation.
  7. by   HannaBee
    I had tons of meds - and meds I never heard of and there was no clue in the question! I hope those were test questions! Got maybe 5 math questions, dosage calculations etc. My questions were all over the place.

    Sorry I know that isn't too helpful cause there's no way we can learn all the meds! If I had to do it again, which I hope I don't but I don't know yet, but I would just learn about drug classifications, then a drug ending may help you!
  8. by   meg_wfd
    thanks for all the replies, has anyone here not get any dosage calculations and passed nlcex pn?
  9. by   JeterLuvr
    I had lots of pharm and 3 math problems.
  10. by   HannaBee
    I still haven't got my results yet but the dosage problems weren't difficult. They were much easier than study questions or questions from nursing school.
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