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Math on LVN placement test

  1. 0 I'm taking my LVN entrance test next week. Does anyone know how the math was on the test. Does it go up
    to Algebra or is it Pre-Algebra. Someone told me it was 9th grade which I guess is Algebra. But someone said
    it is elementry math.? Thanks!
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    I took an entrance exam today for an LPN program. They claim you needed to be on a "12th grade level" with your math score; it's been awhile since I've taken algebra or pre-algebra so I don't know where it would fall but it was alot of percentages, fractions, decimals. I scored a 93 on the math and I've always been HORRIBLE at it!
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    I took the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) for entrance into an LVN program back in 2004. The exam's math portion had fractions, decimals, percentages, and other basic skills.

    I took the NET test for entrance into an LPN-to-RN program last summer. It's math portion was comprised of fractions, decimals (lots of them), percentages, and a handful of elementary algebra problems.
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    COOL THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT. I'm Doing my RN pre -reqs and applying to to
    LVN program just in case I get in. because the RN's here in SO CAL have waiting
    lists. I think LVN/RN admit is not as long. (but still need pre reqs)
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    are you talking about the COMPASS test?

    I'm getting ready to take the compass test on thursday and i was wondering the same thing......i'm nervous that i wont pass it...:chuckle
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    i don't know the name of it. My friend is taking it tomorrow I'll post back . So far I heard it is decimals, fractions, geometry, pre-algebra ... I've been going
    to to do practice test and get ready for mine which is next week
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    I took the COMPASS test for math and reading to get into the LPN program, and I was allowed to use a calculator. That made it easier.
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    Incase it is the tabe test, here is a link that has practice tests for it. Thats what I used to help prepare for mine. I also looked up videos on youtube, to help refresh how to do some of the simple math I haven't done it a while. Good Luck!!!!