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  1. An individual weighing 92.7 kg is taking VFEND I.V. for injection for Invasive Aspergillosis. The loading dose is 6 mg/kg q12h for the first 24 hrs. Each manitence dose is 4 mg/kg q12h. What is the patients daily IV dosage?
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  3. by   HeatherMax
    Depends if they want to know the dosage for the first day or second day.
  4. by   HawaiianDreams
    The question is "What would the daily IV dosage be for the individual weighing 92.7 kg"
  5. by   loriangel14
    After the loading dose?

    Why don't you tell us what you have come up with so far? You won't learn anything from us doing your homework for you.This fairly straightforward. How do you think you would do this question?
  6. by   HawaiianDreams
    I did 92.7 kg x 6 mg and got 556.2. Then I did 24 / 12= 2. Then did 556.2 / 2= 278.1 . Then did 92.7 kg x 4 mg=370.8. Then 370.8 / 2= 185.4. then added that to 278.1 and got 463.5 . The book gives an answer of 756 mg/day.
  7. by   loriangel14
    Their answer makes no sense.
    92.7 x 6 = 556.2. Two doses a day would be 1112.4mg daily.

    92.7 x 4=370.8. Two doses a day would be 741.6 mg daily.

    You don't divide the dose, you would multiply it.Each dose was given twice a day.

    Maybe someone else will come up with an answer.
  8. by   HeatherMax
    Well, I am out I couldn't make my answer match the book. (but why did you divide rather than multiply by the two doses per 24 hours given)
  9. by   HeatherMax
    I also got 741.6...
  10. by   Esme12
    As did I.....

    The patients loading does is......

    92.7(kg) x 6(mg/kg) = 556.2(mg/kg/dose) times 2 doses(q 12 hours).....

    which is 556.2(mg/kg/dose) x 2(doses) = 1112.4

    The daily dose is ........

    92.7(kg) x 4(mg/kg) = 370.8(mg/kg/dose) time 2 doses(q 12 hours)......

    which is 370.8(mg/kg/dose) x 2(doses) = 741.6
  11. by   morte
    that answer only works if the wgt is 94.5 kg....or the does is 7.7777/kg per day