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  1. 0 Hello am new to this website. I wanted to ask a few questions about the lpn process. I heard ypu have to take a c-net (pnat) exam. But I just heard abou that there are two more tests; tabe and teas test.. Is this true or is it just the c-net exam?? What are some books to help me prepare for the exam in a month a half?? Will that be enough time?
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    I'm pretty sure it depends on what school you want to attend. The school I'm going to only required the TEAS V. I would either call them and ask or look and see if they might have their admission process posted on their website. As for studying I bought the study guide on the ATI website and that was all I used to study with. I took the test after only studying for like 4 days. I don't suggest doing that! Luckily I did well, but I could have done much better! I was a late at applying.
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    I only had to take the TEAS exam to be accepted at my school here in NY.
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    Yeah I will and they have a site they say just take the c-net (pnat exam) and if you pass you take a computer based test testing you r basic skills..
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    I had to take the TABE and the TEAS.
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    It depends on the school you attend. I had to take a test called WorkKeys. Try going to the schools website to see if it gives you more information. I think books that help you prepare for a GED test would help with an entrance test.
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    Yes they have a website and a study guy am going to buy it to practice and practice test on line
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    Can I use the teas practice test online to study??
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    It all depends on which nursing program you go to. For my nursing program, I had to take the TEAS V exam which included science, math, english, as well as language. I studied from my ATI TEAS V book that I got off of the ATI testing site and the McGraw Hill TEASV V practice exams book they were both good and I scored high on my TEAS test .
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    Going for the lpn program and am taking the c-net exam
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    If you are not taking the TEAS I wouldn't use a TEAS study guide.

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