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  1. 0 does anyone know if you dont get in the lpn program the first time do you automatically get in the second time just asking i havent gotten acceptance letter yet they are not due to go out until first week of November
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    The answer to your question depends on the school. Most schools require you to reapply if you have not been accepted into the LPN program the first time around. However, only the admissions representative at the school would have the capability to give you the most accurate answer to your question. Good luck with your journey to becoming an LPN.
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    Fingers crossed that you won't need to know! At my school you did have to reapply. Write back and let us know if you get in. Good luck, Jules
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    I have not heard of anyone automatically getting in if they don't make it the first time, unfortunately. If you had to take an exam, you have to know how are they accepting people based on that exam...meaning, do they take the highest grades? Probably so; if not, will you have to repeat the entrance exam? These are things that you have to know. Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone for your answers

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