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    Hi i was just wondering hasanyone taken the atis? And how are the questions?hard, tricky, easy?

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    Well do you guys have the materials with each module for ATI or is this the entrance test for ATI(TEASEs) test?
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    I thougt is was a long exam with 180 questions to complete in 3 hours. Try not to spend too much time on any one question. Unaswered questions will count against you. You can usually narrow down to 2 very good answers but of course you know you must choose the best answer. The test I took had a little bit of everything. Ob, pedi, infection control, safety, patient teaching, prioritization, therapeutic communications, psych, meds, S/S; all of which you will find on the NCLEX Exam. I thought it was a good tool. Out of 180 questions I answered 49 incorrectly, which still gave me a 97% chance of passing the NCLEX which I did on 02/19/2009. Some say the ATI is harder than the NCLEX. I wouldn't say harder, just different. I hope this helps.
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    yes i just took my first set of ati modules for my course. it was..different. the questions were what i'm used to on the test we take in our course but they focused on more situational things. therefore if you don't know the processes or the background material you will find yourself thinking too much on the ati. in all honestly i had to take both my modules twice to get my score of 90% r above to pass. other than that they were easygoing just tedious.
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    can anyone give the layout abt ATI. Also is ATI different from hesi? how helpfull is ATI online practise test?
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    Quote from KAYBDT6
    can anyone give the layout abt ATI. Also is ATI different from hesi? how helpfull is ATI online practise test?

    I PASSED!!
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    We have done ATI's for each unit in our program. Then at the end we have to take a comprehensive one to finish it all out.
    Honestly, I haven't found them to be very hard. We were give the whole set: books and CD's for studying. I'm probably the only one in my class who actually studies the books, but guess what? I've passed all and often with the very highest grade in our class. I keep telling people to read the book, but they don't seem to care too much. The books are great because they condense topics down into the important bullet points you really need to know.
    I've heard from others who've taken boards that if you can pass the ATI's, you'll do great on NCLEX. That their ATI's were harder than NCLEX. We'll see.
    I've got a saunders NCLEX, Mosby's NCLEX, and ATI that I practice with. Saunders is the hardest, followed by ATI and the mosby's is easy. HTH's.
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    thanks ppl n i passed my ati i just got a few more to go like the life span ob peds lil ny lil im gettin there.
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    I have taken ATI's for the last 3 quarters. Tomorrow I have to take 2 Mental Health and Adult Med-Surg I am nervous but I believe I am going to pass.
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    need ati lpn med surg test questions

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