Looking for LPN schools in Michigan/Ohio

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    do anyone know a LPN school with no waiting list. I just graduate from OCCC with my degree in Science, but I was placed on the waiting list for the Nursing program due to GPA, any information will help. I work at Concentra, so I have had my Hep B shots, TB test, Background check. Also, do I have CNA certification in order to attend LPN school in Ohio?

    Please help time is ticking.

    Thanks to all!
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    There are a bunch of LPN programs with no waiting lists. Most of them are private.

    Where are you located?
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    I am located in Detroit, Michigan. I am looking in the Michigan or Ohio area. Do you know of any?
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    In the Cleveland,OH area Central school of practical nursing has a class starting in April 2013, Cuyahoga Valley Career Center has a class starting August 2013. These are probably the least expensive at $11,000-$13,000. Then you have Brown Makie, ATS, Hondros and Willoughby Tech. I don't know how much they are but the have classes starting this year with no waitlist.
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    I live in Ohio and go to Cuyahoga Valley Career Center mentioned above it is a great school and the have full-time in Aug and Part-time in Oct. You do not have to have a CNA to go to this school. Just a GED and fill out their paperwork. They are located in Brecksville,Oh and are not far from the highway so it is not hard to find.
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    There are a few LPN schools near Detroit. I go to Everest in Southfield and it is a good program, but very pricey and competitive to get into. There is no waiting list, they begin programs 3 times a year. There is a test you have to pass and you have to compete with other scores, so it's important to score high. There is Detroit Business Institute and Riverview Institute too. A lot of people from Detroit go to school in Toledo too. Athena and Toledo School of Practical Nursing, both in Toledo.
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    Here in the Metro Detroit area you have NexCare (they just started accepting financial aid), Everest, DBI and Dorsey. In Toledo there's: PSI, TSPN, Athena and Brown Mackie (it's actually in Findlay). I understand your urgency so hopefully this helps just remember to research whether they are approved by the State. I couldn't wait around to get in an RN program in MI so I'm commuting from MI to OH for my PN program.
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    I know this is belateed, but Davenport - Midland is desperately trying to fill LPN seats.
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    Eastern Gateway Community College has a one year LPN, the cost is under 6k
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    I'm in that class.... great school so far... lots of work

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