January Lpn start?!? - page 2

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Im sooo excited starting11 month lpn program Jan 7 in Michigan and I can't wait. Who else is Jan start? How long is ur program? R u nervous? Excited?... Read More

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    Lots of MI mommas! Me too! Where are you going to school?
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    I start my 2nd semester this week. I am also in Michigan.
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    Hey. I'm in Mich! Starting tomorrow at DBI for a 12 month program. ESTATIC!!!
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    Anybody from L.A?
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    Quote from mommy25
    Lots of MI mommas! Me too! Where are you going to school?
    I'm going to TSPN. So excited to start tomorrow
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    Starting tomorrow (Jan. 8th) for 13 month program in Ohio. Super nervous and excited at the same time.
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    Just completed day 1: Word of advice Rolling bookbag! We received our books today 7 in total and yes they are huge! Everything is fast paced, a lot of info. Fun meeting new people. Have a good attitude. Have fun enjoy Study up nurses. God bless ♥
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    Rolling book bag is a must for NS school , I got 9 books that way a ton and had to bring 2 bags to carry them. But overall this is gonna be a fun experience, can't wait for the end result stay focused everyone!
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    Im in Georgia and I start Monday January 14th... right after this weekend! So nervous and excited, but mostly nervous! For those who started on the 7th, what was your first week like?!
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    Hey Michigan future nurses! Roll call! What school are you in?