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We will be starting our IV certification course in a couple of weeks, and as nervous as I was about passing lab check-offs and clinicals, this is the one thing that instills the most fear in me. It's a serious thing- entering... Read More

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    I have been the Lvn x 20 years. Iv starts get easier with frequency. The hardest part for me was making sure I had all my necessary supplies at the bedside. It sucks when you get the cannula in the vein and you can't cap it off or secure it. Only did that once tho. Watch some youtube videos.
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    I live in Colorado, and as an LPN, I will not be able to legally start an IV, give IV push meds or even clear a line with saline, but I can administer IV piggybacks and second rounds of abiox as well as minitor patients receiving IV therapy. Theres other rules I'm not sure of yet.

    *However*...in our university's career ladder model, in order to qualify to progress to getting my associate's degree (RN) I must have 30 IV starts under my belt. These will be done either as a student in a clinical setting or as a working LPN "under" the licence of an RN and supervised by him or her.

    In our LPN program, we get taught many skills we will not be able to do as LPNs, but I'm glad of it, because it will make further education that much less stressful.

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