Is lvn program worth it?

  1. HI everyone, right now I'm really in a difficult situation ! Need your advice seriously !

    I've got accepted to both LVN and MLT ( medical lab technician) program ! Which one should I pick ?

    As people know, It's tough time for LVN to get a job especially at hospitals, so I dont want to spent 18 months on this program and then get no job. Of course, I would do LVN to RN bridge but most schools requires at least 6 months experienced. But how could people gain experience if they can't get a job. I still love nursing but job opportunity really discourages me.

    As i know, it is NOT hard for MLT to land their jobs which is a plus to me !

    SO what program should I go for ?
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  3. by   Getting To Great

    If I were to choose, I would pick LVN. Why? because there are a variety of jobs LVN can do; and if Nursing is what you want to do just go for it. Once you obtain you LVN, you can work while beginning or completing you prerequisites for the RN program, and by having your LVN, it that allow you to work, gain experience and make money to save once you are accepted into an RN program. Also, their are a lot of schools that offers LVN-RN track which is great. Go for it. This is the best and secure industry to be in since new jobs are being created. Just remember 'Nurses eat before Doctors.'
  4. by   tarena14
    Hi, I think nursing is a better career because you have a broader range of areas to work in.
    Med tech is good too but be sure because you are limited to that one area which is the lab.
  5. by   Anne36
    If you go with the med lab tech program, what are the opportunities for advancment? What is the pay? Do you think you could do the bridge program to RN or do you think that you would be "stuck" in the LPN?

    Write out the different long term scenarios for each one and think about it. A lot of factors like age, money, time play into this. I wanted to go for the RN but ran out of time and money and Im almost 40! So, Im doing the LPN for now and pray I can bridge later but no guarentees.
  6. by   finsfan8605
    While hospitals may be cutting back on the number of lpn\lvn's there are many more places one can work and nursing is one of the few shortages in the country.
  7. by   mzthang2260
    Go For your LPN then do a bridge course
  8. by   ChristineJC
    Hi, I have a question. I am starting college this fall. And I was wondering if LVN is worth going to school for rather than RN. Should I take the program for lvn so I could receive my license within a year and a half? The question is, is LVN worth it? (financial wise)
  9. by   HeatherMax
    There are a ton of MLT jobs out there, but, can you deal with sitting in a lab all day? I started off in the MLT program, and after learning more about it and seeing the starting pay, I decided against it. I like working with people, helping people face to face. I realized I would make more as a LPN than I would as a MLT, and the LPN program is 18 months vs. 4 years for the MLT. No one knows your heart more than you, so no one can really answer.