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I was freaking out about my final exam, but I PASSED! I'm so relieved and sooo excited! I gradutate Tuesday & I'm making the arrangements to take my nclex-pn! It was a long, hard year....but to all you just starting....It's so... Read More

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    lisarenee0320 - Congrats and good luck to you!! The community college I did my LPN at has and LPN-ADN bridge program & I'm planning to apply to that. Then, I'll transfer to a university for BSN. It works out cheaper to do as much as possible at the community college.

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    CONGRATS!! I just finished the classroom work last week. I start role transition this coming week...I graduate the 24th of August....Like you, my life has been so consumed with school for the past year that now I dont know what to do with myself. I am not used to free time
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    Aweee congrats hun and good luck on the NCLEX I start August 8th and can not wait but I will give it 2 months until I cant wait to graduate lol
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    I am starting the program in August. I need some tips
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    Congrats! It's the start of your life long career! I'm done with clinicals/classes and graduate Thursday! I know what you mean about too much "spare time", I've actually been napping a lot (have to get back all the sleep I've missed!) haha...I wish you luck in your career!
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    Thanks so much!! Still waiting for my authorization to test to I can take the nclex & very nervous about that. Several of my classmates have taken it & are waiting for their results. VERY nerve racking.

    zetagirl100 - STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. Keep your notes organized, record your class lectures. I listened to my lecture recordings all the time, especially while driving. It's tough & fast-paced. You can't let yourself fall behind. It takes serious dedication, but it's doable (obviously..lol). Good luck!!
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    Congratulations!!! you go....
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    Congratulations!!! Time to celebrate, I started 6 weeks ago I'm already thinking of where I want to vacation next year!! Good luck n the nclex
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