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I was freaking out about my final exam, but I PASSED! I'm so relieved and sooo excited! I gradutate Tuesday & I'm making the arrangements to take my nclex-pn! It was a long, hard year....but to all... Read More

  1. by   zetagirl100
    I am starting the program in August. I need some tips
  2. by   SNmurse

    Congrats! It's the start of your life long career! I'm done with clinicals/classes and graduate Thursday! I know what you mean about too much "spare time", I've actually been napping a lot (have to get back all the sleep I've missed!) haha...I wish you luck in your career!
  3. by   garnetgirl29
    Thanks so much!! Still waiting for my authorization to test to I can take the nclex & very nervous about that. Several of my classmates have taken it & are waiting for their results. VERY nerve racking.

    zetagirl100 - STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. Keep your notes organized, record your class lectures. I listened to my lecture recordings all the time, especially while driving. It's tough & fast-paced. You can't let yourself fall behind. It takes serious dedication, but it's doable (obviously..lol). Good luck!!
  4. by   shudva
    Congratulations!!! you go....
  5. by   samantha198823
    Congratulations!!! Time to celebrate, I started 6 weeks ago I'm already thinking of where I want to vacation next year!! Good luck n the nclex
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