I'm done!!! :)

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I was freaking out about my final exam, but I PASSED! I'm so relieved and sooo excited! I gradutate Tuesday & I'm making the arrangements to take my nclex-pn! It was a long, hard year....but to all you just starting....It's so worth it!!! I had my last class day yesterday & my last clinical day today. My life has been so consumed with school this past year that I don't even know what to do with my 'spare time'! lol

Congrats! I'm anxious to get going in the LPN program but will hold off until I move to Florida next summer. Doing my pre-reqs this Fall and Spring and will apply for LPN school in FL so hopefully things will work itself out. Don't know if I want to wait an extra year for residency (cheaper tuition) or dive right into it when I move. Hoping to be able to transfer my job there since there are tons of facilities all around the state of Florida but it would depend upon which location would accept my transfer, I think. Won't ask my job until it gets closer to that time.

:w00t:CONGRATS! You must be proud of yourself!

I hope to be where you are one day. Best wishes!

Congratulations! Make sure you reward yourself for all your hard work, whether it be with an expensive gift, or a really good adult beverage (if that's your thing), or a really awesome meal! But keep that momentum for that NCLEX!!! God bless!

Congrats :) I think we are at the same school but I'm from evening class.

It's def been a very very long year!

Congratulation! Good luck on the nclex?(: I just started my Lvn program 2 weeks ago. Its very fast paced but I

Congrats to you....i am 2 weeks in the program and have already had numerous test...happy to report all grades have been 90 and above....A&P i am running into trouble now...any tips?

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I'm sooo excited for you I finished July 20th and now waiting to take the nclex. I have been looking into a review course through Kaplan! Good Luck with everything:)

Congratulations to those of you who have completed the LPN and to you that are starting the program. I just graduated also from the LON Program and now preparing for my NCLEX-PN. I am also enrolled in the BSN Program as well, I was accepted when I applied before completing my last rotation. Graduating class of 2014 BSN! Yes I am exhausted but it is well worth it. I'm excited and nervous at the same time about taking the NCLEX. :-)

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Thanks so much everyone! I'm taking a breather while I wait to take my nclex. I have all the leg work done & sent off, now just to relax. The mock nclex I took at school predicted that I have a 97% chance of passing the first time!! My instructor advised us to relax for a bit then study our ATI stuff for a couple hours every day & to relax, get plenty of rest, and eat well the day before & morning of our test.

misscriss90 - waiting until you move is a good idea. I imagine it will be a pain to transfer your license & find a job if you haven't even worked in the state you're in. And...a classmate of mine told me that her husband did an LPN program in Florida and his program was MUCH easier than ours (NC).

ASPIRING2BGREAT - you will be great! I 37 years old, divorced with 2 teenage kids. I have always wanted to become a nurse, but my ex wouldn't allow it. It's amazing the things we can do when we really set our minds to it. If I can overcome those hurdles (and, I've always been a shy, non-assertive person), anyone can do it! It just takes dedication, determination and a positive attitude! --Attitude is crucial!

LivingFor08162013 - Thanks! I'm rewarding myself by spending some time with family & friends, so I pretty much ignored everyone while I was in school. Thankfully, they understood & knew how much stress I was under. I am so thankful for the support I got from my fiancee because I don't know how I would've handled school and 2 teenage boys at the same time without him!

ejm123 - Congratulations!!! It's been a very tough year & I look forward to graduating with you on Tuesday!!

tracylvn2013 - Thank you! If you don't have one, get a recorder & record all class lectures. I had a 45 min commute to/from class & I always listened to my recorder while driving or while making dinner, housework, etc. It helps a lot. I took handwritten notes in class while recording the lecture, then at home, I typed my notes while listening to the recording & checking my books for anything I didn't understand. I also made flash cards for things I needed to memorize on quizlet.com. If you have a smart phone, you can download an app to view your cards on your phone. I LOVED that. It saved me from buying tons of index cards & the phone is much easier to carry around. I would sit and look thru my flash cards while waiting at the barber shop with my kids or whatever.

ChinitaDulceNurse2 - Thanks! And glad to hear you're doing so well! In my program, we had to take A&P as a pre-requisite. I took the basic anatomy, then took A&P 1 before I started the LPN program and next semester I'm taking A&P 2 and microbiology because they're pre-requisites for RN. I loved my anatomy teacher & loved the classes. I'm a very hands on learner and she had models of everything. I would stay after class and go thru the models when we needed to memorize & I did a lot of repetition because that's how I learn. I did struggle with the cellular process & still don't have that down pat...but, I guess I'll have to get it next semester in micro! Good luck to you!

soontoblpn - Good luck to you!! I've heard about the Kaplan course, but ATI was part of my program, so I'm doing the online practice assessments & going through my ATI books to study for the nclex.

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lisarenee0320 - Congrats and good luck to you!! The community college I did my LPN at has and LPN-ADN bridge program & I'm planning to apply to that. Then, I'll transfer to a university for BSN. It works out cheaper to do as much as possible at the community college. :)
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CONGRATS!! I just finished the classroom work last week. I start role transition this coming week...I graduate the 24th of August....Like you, my life has been so consumed with school for the past year that now I dont know what to do with myself. I am not used to free time :D

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