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Hi I was curious to see how much schools are everywhere else... i'll start off with mine.. 2008 Lancaster, CA $22,000 (I feel I paid to much:crying2:)... Read More

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    I just started a part time program in Ohio and with tuition, uniforms, books and seat fee the total is around $12,000. This is one of the less expensive schools in the area. I was considering a school that would have totaled $25,000.

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    Total price: $23,000 includes books, uniforms, stethoscope, it's a pretty inclusive price. Grants will cover about half. Federal student loans for the rest. It's a 51 week program and I'll start later this month! Can't wait!! I'm in Northern Cali
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    Quote from HorologyGirl
    I am currently attending Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Fresno, CA. The tuition is about $30K. There are some other less expensive programs in my area, but they all have very long waiting lists or lottery's. I wanted to get the program finished so I can start working!
    Looking for lpn bay area
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    im looking for LVN-RN bridge program school in bay area pls help
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    I go to a technical school here in Pa and my program is $27,000 with all of my book, 3 sets of uniforms, labs, etc included. It is too darn high imo
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    Went to PN School in Philadelphia, PA 2004-2005. Hospital Based Program. Total
    Cost including books, physical, excluding uniforms:8,000 dollars.

    IMHO, in this day and age, any school requiring you to pay past 20,000 dollars, I would get my CNA and bust my but in getting into a BSN program since in my area they are at the level of hiring BSNs instead of ADNs. I lot of people are maxing our their federal financial aid going to these schools, and have to pay out of pocket to return to school, AND pay their loans-yikes!!!

    IF I had to start out at PN school (my experience those many years ago) there a few local schools whose tuition is 12,000. I would stay away from anything that is costing enough for a RN program...but that is just me, even if it meant waiting.
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    My LVN school is about $47,000. It includes books, scrubs, and a nclex study class. I know it is expensive but I couldn't afford to wait around anymore.
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    OMG maxed out you federal student loan ceiling for undergrad!!! I just had to say that out loud...but I understand your desire to be a nurse, I really do.

    But that tuition price is a SIN...I really believe no one should be paying that amount for PN school. I only say that because if you get a loan, there is no federal loan repayment assistance for PN school. I paid that amount for a BSN, and my student loan is like a second mortgage for me, but I'm eligible for the Federal Loan Repayment Program, because I am a RN.

    I couldn't imaging repaying that back as a LPN, and I made mid-high 50,000 as a LPN at one time, however, If you are making it work, my nursing hat is truly off to you!
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    I am paying a little over $9000 (Boces Program-12 months) and to me it is worth it. I lived in a few states prior to moving back home to NY and the other programs wanted over $30,000 + for a 2 year program (needed pre-req's etc to even start) and there was a 2 year waiting list on top of it too.

    I just want to add that I have noticed in many people I have met in this program, that unless you see what some LPN school's can cost in other places and the amount of time it can take to even start or be considered to the program itself, they are not as appreciative and/or do not know how lucky they are by being accepted into a program so quickly without much fuss(cost, wait list, no pre-req's etc).

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