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    Just curious as to how many hours you study per day as an LPN student?

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    3-4 hours probably on average. I know I have days where I need more time and days I need a little less time.
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    It really depends on the person and the subject. I usually don't have to study much (maybe an hour or two) and I am on high honor roll and 3rd in my class out of 40. However I have friends who stay up all night and study upwards of 6 hours a day and they just can't seem to grasp concepts and they are right on the pass/fail line. And some of my friends are great in say Maternity and Pediatrics but are terrible with Pharmacology. (We have dosage questions and questions about the meds on our pharm tests). So it really depends on a lot of factors. Good luck.
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    It all depends but usually about 2-5 hrs a day
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    About 4 hours.
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    Depends on the class and the teacher. If its in the power points maybe an hour or two per set, each test usally covers 4-6 sets. If I have to read the information in the text book, however, it takes much much longer. My med surge 3 teachers love to leave blanks in the power points that we must look up in the book.
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    at least 3-4 but like the others said - it depends on the class. We just finished our first term and now going into our second term and we have pharmacology so I KNOW I will be studying a lot more than last term.

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