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Earlier this week I saw someone cheating on a A&P test. It started on Monday when I noticed she had her cell phone in her lap during a test, I figured she was just texting or something. It is against school policy to have your... Read More

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    The fact is, it is annoying you as you take a test to have someone fiddling with a cell phone; and if they are against the rules, it must be stopped. Let the teacher deal with the "cheating" part. Just report the activity as you see it and as it affects your performance without a judgement call on the "cheating part" is my point. It will speak for itself.

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    omg you all drive me CRAZY! I think you should all worry about yourselfs, clearly that person is struggling badly and if they dont get caught they will probably fail out. I always pity people like that, and pray for them to get stronger. Not just go and secretly ruin their life some more, anonymously doing that doesn't teach the person anything, they don't even know they were seen!! All youre doing is building horrible karma onto your own life.
    Worry about yourselves please and passing the test yourself, when you see someone struggling like that you should pity them, and life will definitely teach them very soon!! trust me. They will have consequences and karma themselves and will get caught or learn it's too scary and worth risking it all and begin to do things differently.
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