Free Nclex-pn Study Guide/tests

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    I FOUND ONE!!!!!

    I figured if I was interested in this somebody else would be also.
    This site offers a free downloadable study guide for those interested in becoming a PN by passing the NCLEX-PN test, accompanied by basic knowledge skills tests.


    Click Here- Link to NCLEX-PN Free Downloadable Study Guide

    CLICK HERE- For practice test 1

    CLICK HERE- For practice test 2

    ENJOY THESE, Iv'e been reading through them.

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    Thread moved to LPN/LVN Student Nursing forum.
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    ooppps thank you
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    You are a life saver!!!! I found other sites but nothing like these. Thanks so much for posting this
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    Thank you so much Jeremy!
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    Someone should sticky this thread... any admins out there?
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    Thank you so much for this.

    I am 2 weeks away from graduating a program and we are all worried about the test.

    This will help us all!!!
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    Thank you for sharing! will be put to use
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    glad everyone found that as important as i thought it would be, i have not started that class yet but at least i can pre-game
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