Did you find your part-time program to be more manageable?

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    I've recently inquired to a school in my area that offers a p/t 20mth, 3 evening program. I had never thought of a p/t program, because I felt I had my plan under controll. It just seemed to be to long, when it can easliy be done in 12 mth. But, now that I'm re-evaluating my finances, future plans, and fam. life I think it might be a good option for me.

    I would just like some input from those who have successfully completed or are currently attending a p/t program. How long is your program, do you feel your better able to manage school, family, and work with this option? Any other input that my help would be appreciated.

    I'm aware that it would still require full focus, time, and study as well. But I do feel it may be a bit less stressful and do able, with more time to learn all the material.

    Thanks in advance for your in put!

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    I did find one old thread with a few inputs, but it would be great to hear from someone recently rather than 2005.
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    I haven't started yet, but, my program is T/W/Th 2-9:30 pm, for 18 months. The ft program at the same school is 12 months and as much as I would like to graduate in 12, the 18 is more realistic for me. We have 5 children, plus a step child living with us. I need time to cook and clean and study during the week. Plus, my youngest is 4 and we would have to have him in daycare M-F to attend ft. Its worth the extra 6 months to keep my sanity and not have to place him in daycare. There's another school near me that has shorter hours, but its 4 nights and clinicals every other weekend. I think I found the best choice for my life and my schedule.

    Good luck!
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    That sound like the story of my life,lol! My youngest is soon to be 3 and he clings to me a lot. What you said is absalutely true, we all have to find our own comfort zone.

    Thanks for you input and best of luck to you. Keep us informed how things are working out.
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    I am in a pt LPN program. It lasts 2 years, I go Tuesday's and Thursday's and every other Saturday and Sunday. The RN bridge program is the same schedule and lasts 1 year.
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    Quote from Stoogesfan
    I am in a pt LPN program. It lasts 2 years, I go Tuesday's and Thursday's and every other Saturday and Sunday. The RN bridge program is the same schedule and lasts 1 year.
    ETA: it is very manageable. I work and have kids so the Monday thru Friday program wasn't really doable. Part time programs are very hard to find in my area and the one I attend is the only one offered through a community college.
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    I am in a part time program. Its 18 months total. I still have 15 months to go.

    For me, this was the only way I could do this. I am widowed and have 2 young daughters. I also work. Part time allows me to keep sane and take care of my responsibilities as a student, single mom, and worker bee.
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    Hello [COLOR=#003366]SWM2009[/COLOR],

    And, thanks for responding. So what are the days in which you attend, have you started clinicals yet, and if so are they on the same days as class. Is your part-time job in the medical field.

    I am still debating attending this school (only one) that offers this p/t program. The program as well 18mth. They are private which means more money($12) that I would have to pay out of pocket. The are approved by my state board but not accredited by NLNAC. Though it is longer I think it would be a better fit for me, but then there's the $$ concern.

    Well, I hope what ever I do I'm guided to make the best decision for my family and self. Decisions, decisions, decisions! :spin:

    Thanks again!
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    I just enrolled to a pt. time LPN program outside my county which takes me about an hour from where I live. It's a 2 yr program my days will b mon-tues-and Thursday 6-10 pm. When I start the clinical part of it it will be twice a month on Saturdays. I also work full time as a CNA on a sub-acute rehab/nursing home. I have 3 kids all in elementary school and a boyfriend who works different shift than me. So my parents will help me with the kids. I'm sure it will be a challenge but I'm very determined to do this and after I'm done I will enroll college to go for RN. I think pt time schooling it's very convenient. It takes a little longer but it's worth it. Being a CNA right now has helped me learn about the nursing field and I feel like I'm ready for nursing school now. And I hope being an LPN would help for becoming a RN. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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    I just finished my first class a couple of weeks ago. Next session starts Sept. 10. I am taking fundamentals. My schedule is Tue/Wed 8-11am for lecture, Wed 2-4 for lab and Thu 7-4 for clinical. I work 32 hours on weekends (2 double shifts) but I will probably be dropping down to 16 hours soon. I work as a DSP in a residential facility for developmentally disabled adults.

    My program is also private so yeah the $$ issue gives me panic attacks, lol. I am paying out of pocket and it hurts but I am able to swing it (barely) through savings. Being able to take one class at a time and only paying for that class has been helpful.

    My local community college does not offer LPN. They offer RN but it is a very competitive program with a long waiting list. I am not getting any younger and I need to get into the work force sooner especially since I am now my family's sole provider.
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