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Hello, first time here. I kind of have a dilemma. I started accelerated LPN program at in 2010. I just resently failed a module and won't be able to start again until October. Fees went up July 1st. I am not eligible for... Read More

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    Thanks, I was offered another opportunity to come back to the LPN program, but I turned it down because I knew how stressed I was the last time with the program being fast paced. I say do what is best for you, and I do understand the financial issue you are having. I hope you get scholarships, apply to as many scholarships. Whatever you do don't give up if nursing is your passion. Just figure out what route is best for you. Don't let the money issues get to you because it will affect your health and family. You will get there in due time sweetie.

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    student forever..with the LPN program it would be really hard to be at school full-time and work part-time. There's so much material that has to be studied in one week it would be almost impossible to work part-time and do family life. I know people can juggle that all but I've done it before and I couldn't do it. I still have a few months to figure out what I have to do, I need to think whats best for everyone. Thank you again for your advice. Its nice to hear different opinions.

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