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Applying for positions?

  1. 0 I will be graduating this July and I ultimately want to work in a hospital either ER or ICU but I know that most hospitals will not even hire you anywhere as an LPN. So I was planning on working as an lpn while I'm in RN school. Anyway I've been told there's a "possibility" of being hired as a float lpn the hospital I currently work at right now, but it's not a guarantee and honestly from what I'm hearing they are phasing the lpns out right now. So I'm not too hopeful about my chances.

    Long story short, should I apply for some LTC positions and just hope I get on at the hospital? I really don't want to waste the LTC time since that's not my first choice. But I also really want the experience. Also, is it too early to start applying now?

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    I would apply atleast a month or two before graduation and if I were you, I would apply to every other place but the hospital because they are phasing the lpns out. I wouldn't feel comfortable working at a hospital as an LPN because you never know. Maybe you could work full time in a LTC facility and pool/prn at a hospital just to be on the safe side. Good luck
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    Thanks for the advice. I saw a couple of job openings at local LTCs for lpns and they both said no experience necessary, they hire new grads. So I'm a little excited about that but I'm also nervous they will be gone by July

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    I also want to work ICU, but as an LPN, local hospitals aren't even hiring for float (unless you have GREAT connections with a higher-up). The advice given to me from others in my area who made the transition was to do home care rather than LTC. Not only does it allow for lots of study time, but there were great perks, like getting certified in vents and getting a wide variety of patient types. I actually get to follow patients into the hospital when they go, and getting to know the nurses there is awesome! I figure the ONLY way I'll get a great job, be it as an LPN, RN or BSN, making those contacts will be an important part of the process. Also, I have had nurse managers during my school clinicals tell me they don't like to hire from LTC because they want a "clean slate." I've also met a couple new grad RNs who landed decent hospital positions because they worked as rounding nurses for a doctor, and it helped them become familiar with a facility.

    Email the heck out of people now, even if they don't seem to be hiring LPNs. Make those connections!
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    @ Stoogesfan

    Totally off your topic but I was trying to send you a pm, but it didnt go through. So i've friended you, hopefully that will work.
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    Quote from ASPIRING2BGREAT
    @ Stoogesfan

    Totally off your topic but I was trying to send you a pm, but it didnt go through. So i've friended you, hopefully that will work.
    Hey! I tried messaging you back, but it says your messages are full! I had this whole thing typed out too! Lol
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    Your best bet is to try LTC. Good luck getting on at a hospital - most of them want you to have a BSN now, at least in my area.