Anyone know any good LPN schools in Dayton, OH area?

  1. 0 I FINALLY talked myself into signing up for LPN classes. The only school in the area that I can find that offers night classes is RETS Tech. I met with an advisor today, holy smokes!! $20,500! Wow that seems steep. I could have gone on to get my RN for $12k at Edison. Anyway, does anyone have any info on the cost for MVCTC or Miami Jacobs, or know of any other school around the area? Thanks so much. I feel defeated and havent even started!!
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    I am a student at RETS right now, just over halfway done. It was a big chunk of change to hand over but... I tell myself it'll be better in the long run. I looked at MVCTC before i signed up at RETS. There tuition was considerably lower but it was pretty far from my house. I don't remember the exact amount but I'm thinking between $10k-$11k. You have to be an STNA to start the classes and I think uniforms were extra too. I called their admission office and they sent me a package for free with basic information.
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    I am at Miami Jacobs and the cost is $22K, you also get all books, uniforms, and supplies needed provided...
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    I go to Brown Mackie in Cincinnati. Not too far from Dayton. My clinicals is in Dayton, actually.
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    I am attending school at Ohio Medical Career Center (OMCC) in Dayton. The LPN program costs only $12K and you get uniforms, books, everything. I am recommending this school to all my friends.
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    I have never heard of that. Is it new? Do they offer the RN bridge?
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    Quote from jessica1215
    I am attending school at Ohio Medical Career Center (OMCC) in Dayton. The LPN program costs only $12K and you get uniforms, books, everything. I am recommending this school to all my friends.
    Does this school offer financial aid or do you have to pay out of pocket?
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    Did anyone happen to find out if OMCC takes financial aid?
    Also does anyone know of any school other than Hondros that doesn't require an active stna license first?
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    im an lpn student at MVCTC, just about halfway done! i love it here, theres a few things that could use some work, but you'll have that anywhere. its about $14k here but worth it. you learn ALOT in the 11 months youre here! clinicals are wonderful & the clinical sites are great too. not every nursing school gets to do 1-2 quarters at a hospital setting! also you get you IV starting certification, not every lpn program offers that either. good luck!!!
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    Thanks, Does CTC require you to have an active STNA license?
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    Your welcome! & yes they do; they offer it here also. They have a small list of requirements before you have your spot reserved in the program- STNA, medical terminology & medical math classes (theyre 2 days a week for 1 month each; you can overlap them too!) & simple stuff like tb test & physical, etc. but theres no wait list! you can start in january or july
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    I just graduated from Fortis (formally RETS) it is expensive but they have a flexible schedule. Over all I enjoyed it and met some great people. I feel they really prepared me for my nclex which I just took Tuesday and passed. Good luck where ever you choose to go
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    I'm looking into Lpn schools & I am leaning toward fortis or Hondros.. Any advice? I need somewhere with a decent schedule because I am due in June & have a 2 year old son so I'm nervous about going to school with two babies

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