2018-2019 Student LPN Roll Call - page 2

Hi everyone! I will be starting my LPN classes on Monday 4/2/2018. I'm both excited and nervous! Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Let's keep each other encouraged, I got a feeling I'm going to... Read More

  1. by   SimsNurse
    I just started my LPN course here in Portland, OR - on March 19th.

    I am entering week 5 and am going through my first round of Midterms..

    I work M-F 30 hours a week & my program is Mon-Thurs, about 4-6 hours each day.

    It is a lot of studying, but I feel that this program is setting us up to succeed - So far, I am not overwhelmed,
    as I have read many posts about people working and going through their programs / feeling pressured.

    My first term classes are:

    Medical Terminology
    Nursing Fundamentals
    Nursing Lab
  2. by   SPN_Lou_2018
    I'm in my second semester and I feel the same 🤣