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    $20/hr for homehealth in PA

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    I work in a family practice with normal hours, work every fourth saturday for four hours/no holidays, good benefits, and my pay is $15/hour. I have a litte under two years experience. I just came from a nursing home where I made significantly more at almost $20/hour but the decrease was more than worth it to me. We get raises every year after our review which I have only been there a few so I havent had a review yet. I live in Ohio also.
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    I am a brand new LPN in Michigan, no experience and was just offered $21 at an ECF. My friends told me they are getting $21-$24/hr straight out of school.
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    Pennsylvania 18.50/hr plus charge pay, manager pay 25.75
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    Hi I'm a new grad and I'm wondering if anyone lives in the Northwest ohio area and can tell me starting salaries? Thanks
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    Anyone in the Baton Rouge area?? Seems no one is posting from my area? I am very curious to know what the pay is here as I have heard it is lower in the south.
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    Quote from QTNewbie
    Any LPNs in the Chicago or surrounding areas here? I am a new LPN making $13 an hour on the Med-Surg floor in a rural FL hospital. Moving back home to Chicago sometime next year...curious to what the pay difference may be!!
    I live 4hrs north of Chicago in WI and work med-surg with 1.5yrs experience and make base pay $16.10 with shift differentials up to $2.00 for nights
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    Any recent pay and job opportunity info for WNY (Buffalo,NY area?)
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    I am in the Jackson, MS. area and with over 15 years experience I will be making $18.75 per hour at my new job working weekends only, and getting paid for full time hours (Baylor Nurse) As a MDS Nurse I was only making $19-$20 an hour working 5 days per week. Hopefully I will be able to slide into a permanent Baylor shift.
    For the little bit of difference between what I was making as a MDS Nurse working 5 days per week, or as a Baylor Nurse working 2 days per week and getting full-time pay, I think I would rather do Baylor shifts lol!
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    $16.75hr, no differential. No raises for 2yrs due to economy. 8.5 years experience, 6.5 years at my job.
    East Tennessee, low cost of living.

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