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    So I am in dire need for some good advice. I just recently graduated LVN school (In May) and received my Vocational Nursing License (In June). As of right now I am still unemployed, and not because there is not any jobs, but because I am just being kinda picky. I am also having an issue with employers not being very supportive of me going back to school which is VERY important to me. Right now I am in between waiting for two jobs, one as a nurse at the jail and one as a continuous care nurse at a hospice company. Both of these I really really want, but the waiting game is just starting to get kind of lengthy. I have been waiting on the hospice job since June 20th!!!!! They keep telling me that they are waiting for corporate to open up the job so they could place me there. They also keep telling me that they really really want me as well, but how long is too long to wait? They were actually at my nursing graduation and saw that I had won awards and all that and that is how I got the job in the first place. The jail seems like something I would REALLY enjoy as well.

    To get to the point (sorry for the blabbing), I really need to start working, not just because of the money (my fiance has a good job and we make by with that), but because I feel that as each day passes I am just rotting away and going to forget everything I learned. I am half tempted to just go to some LTC facility and work there just to get the experience, but all the ones around my area are not so good places.

    HELP! advice and words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated

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    Your post is very confusing. At the beginning you say you are not working because you are being picky about where you work.Then you finish up by saying that you need to get a job and get working.So....stop being picky.
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    Yeah I know. But I do not just want to work anywhere and risk my license. I have been to a lot of places and some just seem so out of whack its not even funny.

    Basically I should just say, should I wait around for these other places or go somewhere else. I keep turning down offers, but I do not want to kick myself in the butt later.
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    If you keep turning job offers down you're going to burn a lot of bridges.
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    If you are going to keep turning down offers then don't complain about being out of work.
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    What is it about these LTC facilities that you don't like? The fears new grads have of losing ther license are grossly exaggerated. I've been a nurse for years and the only cases of license revocation I've seen have been related to mistakes nurses make in the or personal lives. Fraud, theft, drug abuse, stuff like that. Working at a busy LTC does NOT put your license at risk.
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    You should be aware of what kind of actions could cause you your license. It is up to you to protect it by not breaking the rules.You can't blame an employer and working at a certain place should have no bearing on your license.Brandon is right. Many people seem to think they will lose their license for the teeniest of reasons, very over exaggerated.
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    Thanks for all the feedback. I know what I am saying probably does not make the best of sense. Also, I do not see how I am burning bridges? Turning down a job offer is burning bridges? Also, how long would you wait for a job? I mean as a new graduate I believe it is crucial to get out there and start utilizing my skills, is it not? You use it or lose it?
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    Why do you think you're above LTC?
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    If you think it is crucial to get out there and get working then why are you turning down job offers? there is nothing wrong with LTC. You appear to your own stumbling block.
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