Trial run for a job as a Family Practice LPN ... Advice?!?

  1. Hi!
    So I got through the first interview at a family practice they called me and they can't decide between another applicant and I so they want to see how we interact with the pt's and staff. The other applicant has 2 years experience over me and I'm a newly licensed LPN with only my clinical and preceptor ship experience behind me. They said they were impressed with me so I may be going in as the underdog but they saw something in me so I hope I can show them that I will be the best candidate!
    Any tips on how I can rock this Trial run?! Like how an average day goes usually and/or pt visit ie: bring pt into room, then vitals etc. etc.

    I appreciate any feed back!
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  3. by   joyfullpn
    A huge part of the day is probably going to be triaging phone calls. You can look up some telephone triage protocols. Injections is also a big deal so you may want to familiarize yourself with vaccines. I.e: MMR,Varicella,pneumovax, flu,hep b, hep a etc. Hope that helps!
  4. by   LTCNS
    When you call a patient back to a room, always greet him/her with a cheerful good morning/afternoon and smile, smile, smile! I have found that helps ease the patient and helps set the tone for the visit.
  5. by   notmanydaysoff
    I have to agree w/LTCNS. Good customer/patient service, communication/interaction, and appearance go a long way. Confidence and basic skills are also good.

    That said, skills can be taught and experience can be gained. A winning personality can not. You just gotta have it!

    I got hired fresh outta school. I'm an LPN in an urgent care facility. I was not experienced but I came from another profession where customer service and a winning smile were key. Been there a year now and I must admit, I'm a darn good nurse!

    Good luck!
  6. by   rayshettabrown
    Good Luck,I work in a Family Practice/Internal Medicine Clinic and I really like it. Now of course I'm looking to move on to Urgent Care/ CDU clinic..wish you all the best. Keeping smiling,get to know the kids,parents really like when you pay attention to the kids,as they grow up.
  7. by   T-Bird78
    Customer service skills. When you're bringing pts back, greet them with a smile and identify yourself. I've worked in only office settings and since the same pts come in regularly you have to have good customer service. They'll gripe to the doc or front desk if they don't like you and will ask for you if they do, especially if giving shots or drawing labs. Pts remember who was the "good" one and who bruised them. Make sure to review their meds when you're talking to pts and listen. If in doubt, "the doctor will go over that with you" and "the doctor will be in shortly" are always acceptable answers! Good luck!!
  8. by   Taylorbug
    hey there!!! i am also a new nurse and started my first job in a fam practice a few weeks ago. the most important thing (to them) is SPEED!!! i am forever being told i am too slow and doctors walk in on me or complain about me to my team lead. I feel as though I am doing ok but oh well I feel like interacting with the patient is a huge part of nursing and i hardly have time to be civil to them. make sure u know what your getting into. you can give them a trial as much as they can give u one. good luck!!!