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I am a happy LPN. I got my LPN late in life, because circumstances were all in place for me to do so. I was interested in increasing my clinical skill set. It was a perfect plan. When I was younger, I graduated from High... Read More

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    Hi to all.
    First let me introduce my self, 30 y male from Europe who is about to receive his LPN licensure in IL trough CGFNS. I evaluated my papers, send to BON and waiting for responses. As most of emigrants I use to work a lot of different jobs but not the one that i go to school for. So finally I get my things together after 8 years I started working again in medical field as MA. 8 years are long time period and I just realise how much people forget if they go away from medicine. Anyway I was wondering if someone could actually explain me how does LPN to RN bridge works.?
    Thank you so much

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    Quote from realmaninuniform
    Oo and the big push for NP's to have a doctorate... guess who's behind it? The DNP's that are ****** off someone who spent less money and time, to do the same job, and probably does it better, have the same scope of practice.
    I'm sure there had to have been a huge study suggesting safer practices, higher pt satisfaction, and lower mortality when under the care of a DNP NP vs a more traditional MSN NP

    I'm just sure!!! :-P
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    There is nothing wrong with wanting to be an Lpn, everyone doesnt want to be an RN. As long as youre happy that is all that matters.
    I want to be an rn not only for more money, but for more opportunities and, I would like to be an Nurse Practicioner and do not want to do bedside nursing forever.
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    Quote from brilaneb
    I have been told that hospitals aren't hiring unless you have your BSN. I am about to start an ADN program and already people are encouraging me to enter a BSN program upon completion. Is this true?
    Unfortunately, yep. I live in the Chicagoland area and BSN is either required upon hire or within a few years of hire.
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    Quote from libran1984
    No it is not true, and you will find further elaboration in the RN forum with anything marked ADN / BSN. It is a rampant debate and misconception.
    It completely depends on where you live. My friend worked as a tech in a hospital for 4 years before graduating. She then applied to that hospital as a nurse, and they told her straight out that she needs her BSN before considering her, despite her being an exemplary employee for them for4 years AND had letters of recrecommendation from instructors. I don't think it's right, just stating facts.
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    I met an LPN today during a drug test preparing for our first week of RN transitions. She said she was so nervous bc she had never drawn blood or started an IV. I told her it was all very easy. I said to her, "at the hospital you get 8 weeks of training as an LPN and if you're an RN it is 12."

    She exhaled a sigh of resignation and uncertainty.

    I perked up and asked, "in the last few jobs you held, how many days of orientation did you ever get in your LTC or rehab?"

    "Like three" she laughed.

    "You see," I exclaied. "You can learn all of those skills! It's only a matter of becoming comfortable with them."

    I am over this disease known as RN-itis. Time to just join them. As I've said before, places ran by mostly RNs are set up for success while places primarily ran by LPNs ate set up for failure!
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    Like most on here I have a ADN degree and am went to Nursing School late in life. I like doing bedside and office nursing. I do not wantto manage other people or teach at a school. I wonder who will do the work when all they get rid of LPN's and ADN nurses. I know a lot of LPN's I would put up against a lot of BSN nurse as far as clinic skills and knowledge of patient care. I don't fault anyone wanting to further their education. It all depends on what type of nursing you want to do. Good luck to everyone!
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    I graduate this friday with my LPN!!!
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