PICC protocol

  1. Anyone know if LPNs can draw blood from PICC lines in FL? I can't find the scope of practice on the board website. Thanks!!
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  3. by   pagandeva2000
    I don't live in Florida, however, I suspect not. I live in New York, and even the RNs have to have specialized training in PICC lines, so some of them can't do it until they receive an inservice and competency. I hope someone can answer your question more accurately. If there is an email address of phone number, I would call them and ask for a scope of practice file to be sent to you. My BON answers me via email very promptly (within 2 days).
  4. by   nursepammiej
    I would be interested in this information also. I am an LPN who recently moved to Florida and I have been all over the BON website and can't find any information on scope of practice. I am an LPN specializing in hemodialysis and just want to make sure I'm staying within scope.
  5. by   sasha2lady
    Here in nc lpns can draw blood from a picc if they've had proper training and certification. I had a class given by our pharmacy infusion manager to deal with piccs, iv's, portacaths......the only thing we dont do is put them in, take them out....we run infusions through them, flush them, change the dsgs, monitor the site, and can draw blood. luckily ive never had to draw blood from one....blood draws in general.....I am awful at doing. I need more practice with it but it makes my day every time I get it lol.
  6. by   mama_d
    I know it doesn't help you out much, but here in MO we can.
  7. by   LTCgrl
    i was just reading through my old posts and have an answer to my own question...an LPN can draw from a PICC IF their company policy allows it. The current facility I am with does allow it, ofcourse you have to have your IV certification and be evaluated by a supervisor.