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Hello, I am a Spanish speaking LVN that had 6 months experiecnce doing private duty nursing getting paid $16.50/hr w/no benefits and I was out of work whenever a patient would get hospitalized and I HATED it and it was because I... Read More

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    Quote from AngieLVN2RN
    Hi CaliLVN,
    It's inspiring to hear that you found work right away! I am currently waiting to hear from BVNPT in CA as well...I graduated the end of Aug 2012 and I found out they are taking at least 6 weeks to process apps are there any tips that helped you land your first job? I am also bilingual and have an A.A. degree but not in nursing. It is stressing me out to see all job postings ask for at least 1 year exp! I need to start working asap (hopefully pass my boards on first try!!)
    I'm in the Ontario area, so if your employer has sevaral offices or not too close to downtown LA, PLEASE let me know, it would be GREATLY appreciated !!

    Angie G.
    they took more than 6 weeks for my paper work to get processed!! my family kept asking me when i was getting my papers! have you taken your nclex yet?
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    Hello, I just read your post in 2010, and now is 2013. I just passed my nclex an trying to find a job. I do speak few languages (russian, lithuanian and english). I believe you have been working for a while. If your facility or you know someone who will consider new grad, please please let me know.

    Thank you.

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