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Hello, I am a Spanish speaking LVN that had 6 months experiecnce doing private duty nursing getting paid $16.50/hr w/no benefits and I was out of work whenever a patient would get hospitalized and I HATED it and it was because I... Read More

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    I am also bilingual and unfortunately unable to find a job. Does anyone know if there is any home care agency that hires without experience, thanks a lot.

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    Quote from kraftybrat
    I have been LVN for 30 years, and there are still no jobs. I am going into homecare. But doing my RN through an online program, tired of no work.
    I hear you!! I dont have 30 years but I do have 3 and that seems to not be enough....I too am considering going back to school. Perhaps I may have a better edge but at this point who knows at that point the market may be even worse.
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    Wow that sounds like a great job. Good luck to you, hope I can find something great in Florida. I'm gonna start looking in the next 3 months, graduated 2 weeks ago.
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    I'm happie for you!! Everyone isn't able from what I've been reading.
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    Yay! I just finished school today so I start the job hunt. I believe that persistence beat resistance so it's nice to see that people are getting jobs. It's a little disheartening to see all the posts of people who are looking for jobs and can't find them.
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    wow that is great.Congratulations. I've been reading all these posts and all these LPNs are having trouble finding work is crazy. I plan on moving out to CA in a few months and wanted to know is the job market really that scarce
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    As an current LVN student this is soo encouraging to read! Congratulations on your new job!
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    I currently have a ca lvn license, and live in ga, planning to relocate to ca, looking for a job there, but the job market sounds discouraging. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could start on finding a job w/o experience as an lvn, but have experience as a cna. thanks
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    Hi CaliLVN,
    It's inspiring to hear that you found work right away! I am currently waiting to hear from BVNPT in CA as well...I graduated the end of Aug 2012 and I found out they are taking at least 6 weeks to process apps are there any tips that helped you land your first job? I am also bilingual and have an A.A. degree but not in nursing. It is stressing me out to see all job postings ask for at least 1 year exp! I need to start working asap (hopefully pass my boards on first try!!)
    I'm in the Ontario area, so if your employer has sevaral offices or not too close to downtown LA, PLEASE let me know, it would be GREATLY appreciated !!

    Angie G.
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    Congratulations, it sounds wonderful!!! As a new grad, it definitely gives me hope! Thanks so much for sharing!

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