New Grad Cant Find A job

  1. its been 2 months and i cant find a job dont know what to do! im so brioke its crazy anybody have any ideas?. im in nyc
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  3. by   shunnyk
    It's not just happening in NY, I am experiencing the same thing in Houston, Tx. I am really trying to find my way at this point.
  4. by   angelabLPN
    hang in there. Are you keeping your availability open? I was very fortunate to get a job within 2 weeks of passing my nclex. I think the only reason I did was because I called a place and changed my availability to 11-7 and they hired me that day! You will find something but be persistant do alot of calling and checking on your app and marketing yourself to the buildings. They will overlook an application if another person is calling with interest.
  5. by   shunnyk
    Thank you for responding! I have my availability listed as open. I know beggars can't be choosers; so I am willing to accept whatever is offered. I need/ want a job. In the last two days I have applied to over a 100 jobs. I just never thought it would be this HARD.
  6. by   hgrimmett
    What have you been doing to find a job so far? Are you using whatever career services that your college offers to grads? What about signing up at some of the nursing agencies? Have you looked outside your immediate area? Commuting is no fun but sometimes you gotta.
  7. by   Glenna, LPN
    I graduated last August, passed my NCLEX in October, landed an on-call job in January....but they never need me because they hired three on-call LPN's at the same I'm a bum lol...the job market is really sucking.
  8. by   Bigmaine33
    Thanks for the reply I mean been trying everything online walkin agency they all me I need at least 6 months exp I've been a cna for 6 years on a 36 bed med surde floor and im very good at wat I do. Ok try to use that as a seeling point and they tell me it doesnt count. Ive been begging I even said give me any test you want med, clinical and I will past. On the verge of being homeless in the next month because I cant pay my bills. Damn all that hard work a b student