Needing An LPN Job After Being a Stay-At-Home Mom For Ten Years

  1. 0 I interviewed for a clinic job today. I was seated with an LPN, NP, and the Hiring Manager. The NP didn't seem like she even wanted to be in the room, and gave me a couple of forced smiles. I haven't worked in ten years due to taking care of my daughter with health problems. Why am I being treated like I am less of a nurse? I have had a busy ten years! I haven't been sitting home watching soap operas! I arrived ten minutes early for the interview, but had to wait in the waiting room with patients for at least thirty minutes. Doesn't professionalism go both ways?
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    Just a couple of observations.

    Did the receptionist tell you they were running late?

    Where did you expect to wait? I've waited in the waiting room with patients and never thought anything of it. In fact it was to see how well I reacted to the patient population (body language, etc.).

    Perhaps you won't even be working with the NP and she had things to do, other than provide a second interviewer.

    In my province you wouldn't be able to work after being out of the paid labour force for ten years. You'd be required to do a refresher course before being hired.

    You are being a bit oversensitve to things.
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    No. The receptionist did not tell me they were running late. I had no problem waiting with the patients. I just was not expecting to wait for over thirty minutes. I would not object to a refresher course, but it isn't required in my state. I can see why you think I am being over sensitive, but I really want this job. And, you are right, I am sure the NP was being taken away from her busy schedule.
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    Although it really must have been a bummer to have waited for 30 minutes prior to being interviewed, please be cognizant that it's an employer's market in many geographical areas. Employers do these types of inconsiderate things because they can get away with it. After all, hiring managers fully know that plenty of nurses are desperate for employment due to the recession. The economic climate and job situation for nurses today is drastically different than the employment market of ten years ago, and many managers are taking full advantage.

    You were being professional by arriving to the interview early. However, professionalism does not necessarily go both ways. It's a fact of life.
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    I am so happy that I received a call back for a second round interview! I will go in tomorrow with an open mind and let any annoyances just roll off my back.
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    Quote from rena86
    I am so happy that I received a call back for a second round interview! I will go in tomorrow with an open mind and let any annoyances just roll off my back.
    Good luck with the second interview!
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    Good luck!
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    Did you get the job? If so how is it going for you? I too have been a stay at home mom and haven't worked in several yrs. Your experiences would be very interesting to know. BTW, where do u live and if u took the job what sort of facility is it?

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