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LPN with no Job!!!

  1. 0 i live in NJ. I got my license in 2011 but I still don't have a job yet. I did everything to find a job ..on line , in person, job fairs but no luck.

    My question is which way is to get a job faster either do LPN to RN or get all kinds of certificates first. Such as IV...

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    I haven't had any luck finding a job either and I am IV Certified. I am considering doing a LPN to RN program but will be seeking for a job still. I guess maybe its just our luck. I hope you and I both find something soon. Good luck!
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    Getting as many certificates as you can will make you more marketable. As an LVN, you definitely want to be IV certified. I got my LVN job by not giving up & doing whatever I had to do to get a job. I was applying everywhere & anywhere from 50 to 100 miles away. You may have to apply outside of your comfort zone & never give up!
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    I am in NJ also and will be graduating in July. What part of NJ are u in? I'm getting nervous b/c that's all I keep hearing hope u find something soon...Good luck!
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    I went to several jobfairs 11/2 hrs away from my place BUT NO LUCK. Thanks anyway.
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    it depends on your background. All my classmates are working as LPN in LTC because they were CNA before LPN .
    I dont have any medical experience.
    I live in northern NJ.
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    I know most agencies hires new grads. Or nursing home or assisted living. But they don't really train you if you work for an agency
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    It took me awhile to find a job after I graduated in late 2008. I was pregnant till spring 2009 so that didn't help either! Anyways I landed my first job in jan 2010 at a LTC in a shoddy part of town but it was experience! Just keep pushing someone will give you a chance, I promise!
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    Careful you end up being a unemployed RN theres plenty of those.
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    I'm in Ohio and I thought it was a nursing shortage. Definitely not the case. I am going to take a drastic paycut just to get a job. I have worked LTC, and its seems that is where I will be the rest of my life. If I don't go back to school. I feel so discouraged after feeling unappreciated, constant stress and its not worth the money. Honestly I rather work for 12/hour than deal with the stress of being a LPN. Not trying to be negative, woooooo just needing to vent. I am so embarrassed that I put so much money and hard work into becoming a LPN although it was 15months it felt like 3years.
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    It's hard to find an LVN job right now.
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    I don't know where everyone is located but things seem to be picking up in the Dayton area for LPN's. I see a lot more open positions than I did a year ago around here and some places are starting to add back shift differential. A lot of LTC's in the trotwood area need nurse..The AL I work at PRN is hiring new nurses in skilled.